Bitcoiners direct Jordan Peterson to Lightning Network over GoFundMe Bitcoiners direct Jordan Peterson to Lightning Network over GoFundMe

Bitcoiners direct Jordan Peterson to Lightning Network over GoFundMe

Jordan Peterson expresses interest in collecting Bitcoin to help a friend living under difficult circumstances.

Bitcoiners direct Jordan Peterson to Lightning Network over GoFundMe

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Canadian Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson was advised to use the Bitcoin Lightning Network over GoFundMe to raise funds for a friend who had suffered a string of misfortunes.

Peterson tweeted that his friend Charles Joseph, an indigenous person of the Pacific Northwest Coast, had recently lost his wife, leaving him to raise three children alone.

Further tragedy struck when Joesph’s carving shed caught fire, burning down his adjoining house. Joseph managed to escape with his children, suffering minor burns.

Helping Joseph, Peterson set up a GoFundMe, contributing CAD$10,000 ($7.4k) to kick off the fundraiser. The GoFundMe page detailed the extent of Joseph’s situation, including his predicament with insurance and ownership rights.

“The insurance situation is not clear: Charles had just recently moved into this house and the transition from previous owner to current had not been finalized. There is plenty of ambiguity about such things as ownership on the reserves in Canada, and it is not obvious how this is going to be resolved, or what Charles is going to do in the meantime.”

As of press time, the GoFundMe campaign has raised over CAD$30,200 ($22.5k) through over 260 donors.

Bitcoin Lightning Network

Chiming in, Journalist Joe Nakamoto said posting a Lightning Network address would increase the campaign’s reach, adding, “A lot of people have had enough of GoFundMe.

Peterson replied, “I don’t know how to do this. Enlighten me if you would.” The response was met with offers of help to set up an address and users pledging to donate Bitcoin. However, one user dismissed the significance of Lightning, saying most Bitcoiners “don’t even use it.”

Despite the initial interest, Peterson has yet to post a Lightning address.

Canadian Truckers

GoFundMe’s reputation was damaged last February over its treatment of Canadian Truckers protesting mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports.

The crowdfunding platform froze the campaign, which had accrued CAD$10,000,000 ($9.7 million) in support of the truckers. A statement from the firm said reports from police of “violence and other unlawful activity” informed the decision.

“We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.”

Prime minister Justin Trudeau later enacted emergency powers that legalized the freezing of bank accounts associated with truckers and their supporters. This action coincided with a police operation to remove protestors forcefully.