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Avalanche’s new proposal wants ApeCoin on its subnet Avalanche’s new proposal wants ApeCoin on its subnet

Avalanche’s new proposal wants ApeCoin on its subnet

Ava Labs says it would provide support for ApeCoin integration into its subnet through various initiatives.

Avalanche’s new proposal wants ApeCoin on its subnet

Cover art/illustration via CryptoSlate

Avalanche is seeking to be the new home for ApeCoin DAOโ€™s APE token and its Otherside metaverse project, according to a proposal submitted by the L1 blockchain platform.

Per the proposal, the Otherside metaverse project should be launched on an Avalanche subnet because it will help the ApeCoin community realize its goal of cheaper gas fees and faster network speed.

Ava labs entice ApeCoin DAO with incentives

Ava labs, the parent company of the blockchain, revealed that it would support the ApeCoin subnet across various fields like educating the APE community about subnets and providing the DAO access to its Multiverse incentive program, which is worth $290 million, and even helping with new hirings.

The founder of Ava Labs, Emin Gรผn Sirer, said that ApeCoinโ€™s migration to Avalanche will give the coin โ€œan additional use case that would help its market and regulatory stance.โ€

Avalanche submitted that it was proposing because the overall success of ApeCoin DAO depends on the success of Web3. It added that implementing its โ€œpractical solutionโ€ would lead to the โ€œaccelerated adoption for all of Web3,โ€ which would inadvertently revolutionize the industry.

The proposal is coming less than a month after Yuga Labs suggested that ApeCoin needed to migrate to its own chain to โ€œproperly scale.โ€

This migration was because of the controversies its Otherside metaverse project had generated after clogging the Ethereum network leading to millions being paid as transaction fees.

Crypto community reacts

Avalancheโ€™s proposal has generated various reactions in the crypto community.

Popular crypto researcher, Polynya called the proposal a โ€œterrible solution,โ€ with another Twitter user, Swagtimus saying that โ€œnobody wants to move their liquidity off Ethereum, and rollups are superior.โ€

However, a comment on Avalancheโ€™s forum from Punk2513 says that an Avalanche subnet is best for APE because it would lead to transaction fees being paid in Ape, plus ApeCoin and other benefits would power the smart contract.