This popular Japanese game is about to auction its first NFT This popular Japanese game is about to auction its first NFT

This popular Japanese game is about to auction its first NFT

The blockchain game GensoKishi will let fans can bid for “Cosplay” NFTs and personalize their character’s look to their liking.

This popular Japanese game is about to auction its first NFT

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GensoKishi Online “META WORLD,” a new GameFi version of the iconic game Elemental Knights, recently announced its first NFT auction.

The Polygon -based project allows players to expand the limits of RPG roles and customize their characters according to their taste.

“Cosplay” NFTs

In the auction, which started on February 7 and will conclude on February 14, players can bid for a range of “Cosplay” NFTs including Legend, Super Rare, Rare, and Normal NFTs.

Among those, Legendary Cosplay NFTs are particularly sought after due to their uniqueness.

Those participants who win one in the auction, will be the sole owner of this NFT in the entire Metaverse.

“Cosplay” in GensoKishi represents one of the game’s key features–introducing a creative twist to the role play concept.

The game allows players to modify their characters. The concept doesn’t only involve dressing up the appearance, but also improving the character’s status by unlocking special skills.

Since each Cosplay has distinct stats which impact its strength, depending on rarity, some of the wearable equipment comes with unique abilities.

Super Rare Cosplays (GensoKishi Online “META WORLD”)

“By combining these Cosplays that each have their unique skills, you can build your own character that fits your style and liking. A warrior that can heal himself? A girl that runs like the speed of lightning? Yes, the world is what you imagine….,” taunted GensoKishi in the announcement.

Each Cosplay “set” comes as a complete bundle of NFTs that construct the Cosplay.

While Legendary and Super Rare sets both consist of seven parts, the Rare set comes with five parts, and finally, the Normal set with four parts.

GensoKishi also prepared a participation prize NFT for all participants who bid above 50 USDT.

Record-breaking launch

With a strong concept that combines “Free to Play”, “Play to Earn” and “User Generated Contents to Earn” elements into one game, GensoKishi Online “META WORLD” is making strides from day one.

The game saw an unprecedented debut last month, with GensoKishi’s Metaverse (MV) token setting a new record on TrustPad by selling out in under 20 seconds of entering First Come, First Served (FCFS).

After the record-breaking IGO on TrustPad, MV token was listed on ByBit, followed by Quickswap and Uniswap. Since, the price of MV is up 237%, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Alongside various NFTs featured in the game, the project issued two ERC-20 tokens–MV and ROND.

Unlike ROND which constitutes the in-game economy, the MV token utility spans outside of gameplay.

MV can be used for unlocking discounted prices for in-game items, as well as for accessing exclusive games and events within the Metaverse.

The project recently introduced the “GensoKishi Staking Dapp”–allowing users to stake their MV tokens and receive various benefits.

By staking, MV users can earn ROND and access the right to join the Closed Alpha and Beta tests.

Finally, those who have staked more than 10,000 MVs will participate in a surprise NFT drop.

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