TechOps Core Unit takes over management of MakerDAO Github TechOps Core Unit takes over management of MakerDAO Github

TechOps Core Unit takes over management of MakerDAO Github

The change will support MakerDAO's infrastructure layer, enabling a secure, reliable, and transparent software ecosystem.

TechOps Core Unit takes over management of MakerDAO Github

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MakerDAO announced on Feb. 20 a long-awaited change to its GitHub operations.

“We are now at a place where Dai Foundation has handed over the management of the MakerDAO Github organization to the TechOps Core Unit, hoping to reduce bureaucracy and to move Dai Foundation a step further away from day-to-day operational tasks.”

The move comes after the Dai Foundation called for a provisional change to its software development services and overall GitHub management in its Q1 2022 report.

Before that — during the dissolution of the Maker Foundation in 2021 — the Dai Foundation assumed temporary caretaking responsibilities for the MakerDAO Github repository.

How the changes relate to assets

Before transferring the operational aspects to a new party, the Dai Foundation undertook a comprehensive cleanup and reclassification effort of the MakerDAO’s GitHub.

However, the organization’s mandate did not extend to providing software development nor operational services, rather it was to provide assurance of intellectual property ownership.

It did so along with the introduction of new tools and processes to simplify the transfer of copyright for any new protocol software and related content to the Dai Foundation — a process that is now complete, the foundation states.

As per the upgrade, TechOps Core Unit will ensure read access for all to the software that is used in both Maker Project and MakerDAO. It will also ensure that all public repositories use a license, and that public content managers are advised on copy right information from the Dai Foundation.

A full list of the agreed upon details can be found on the MakerDAO forum.

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