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MLB Crypto Baseball is a blockchain-based sports game that anyone can play using their very own crypto figures. Every game of MLB Crypto Baseball is tied to a live MLB game in real time.

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  • Immutable Ownership:ย All MLB Cryptos will have a unique immutable reference written to the Ethereum Blockchain. Once ownership is transferred to a userโ€™s Ethereum address, the smart contract will only allow that Ethereum address to perform transactions with that NFT.
  • Digital Sovereignty:ย As a fully compatible ERC-721 asset, owners will have full control over their collectible.
  • Portability:ย MLB Crypto Baseball asset is a fully compliant ERC-721 item. Ownership and details about the asset will be recorded to the blockchain and will be available as long as Ethereum exists.
  • Provable Scarcity:ย Each ERC-721 NFT asset will be tracked on the blockchain along with its unique details and team information. It is possible to parse the chain data for all assets in existence and group assets by traits. With this, users can independently verify collectible rarities and quantities. 2018 MLB Crypto Collectables will be 100% unique and not duplicatable in the future.

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