Young Entrepreneur Wants You To Get Paid In Bitcoin

Young Entrepreneur Wants You To Get Paid In Bitcoin

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Digifox, the innovative app that lets its users get a portion or all of their income paid out in the form of crypto, debuted this week at Miami Bitcoin Conference.

Digifox is the brainchild of leading crypto YouTuber, Nicholas Merten (known as DataDash) who has over 458,000 subscribers.ย 

Digifox gives people direct control of their finances, allowing them to manage all aspects of their financial lives through its innovative mobile app, and most importantly to get a portion of their salary paid in leading crypto assets, like bitcoin and ethereum.

Celebrity endorsement

The app has already received celebrity endorsement from CJ Sapong, Major League Soccer player for Nashville SC, who will get paid a portion of his MLS salary into cryptocurrency using Digifox.

โ€œIโ€™m also excited about using Digifox as the wallet my pay in crypto will be going toโ€, he said. โ€œIโ€™m basically able to do everything with my crypto I want in one app, and have been a fan of it for some time already.โ€

In building Digifox, CEO Nicholas said he was tired of seeing everyday people being left behind with poor returns on their savings through traditional banks.ย 

โ€œI couldnโ€™t stand itโ€, Nicholas said, โ€œTo think in the 21st century the national savings rate in most developed countries is near zero percent, if not negative, left me believing that it was time to build an alternative.โ€

Easy access

He said Digifox allows anyone – no matter what their job or salary – to easily participate in the cryptocurrency market, and buy bitcoin, the worldโ€™s best-performing asset class for the past 10 years, quickly and easily.ย ย 

Nicholas believes that cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, offer a new way to save for the future, and by providing the ability to get paid in crypto, Digifox is unlocking that possibility.


The Digifox app has been created with simplicity in mind, providing an ‘all-in-one’ experience in order to make crypto as simple as possible. It allows you to get paid in crypto, buy one-off purchases of crypto, and even earn interest on your crypto.

Nicholas has both self-funded the company in its early stages, as well as raised over $600,000 from the community through an equity crowdfund on WeFunder.ย 

The launch is the culmination of years of hard work to make Digifox a rival to established financial services and to disrupt the traditional finance model which fails to reward everyday people.

Anyone interested in getting early access to the feature can download the app to their smartphone, and sign up for the waitlist.ย 

Digifox also offers users the ability to refer other family members and friends in order to bump up their position in the queue and gain earlier access to the feature launch.

To find out more about Digifox, click here.

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