SANDBOX GROUP Announces Move Into Web3 Through Partnership With XDB Chain

SANDBOX GROUP Announces Move Into Web3 Through Partnership With XDB Chain

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London, UK, October 11th, 2023, Chainwire — XDB Chain to Power Sandbox-Branded Cryptocurrency and to Enhance the Education Sector’s Transition Towards Web3

Sandbox Group, the London-based group operating a network of learning businesses, announced a partnership with XDB CHAIN, the easy-to-use open-source blockchain used to power digital assets. The collaboration will see the development of an exclusive branded-cryptocurrency that will be made available as a payment choice to users of Sandbox’s wide portfolio of digital products and services worldwide.

The soon-to-be-released cryptocurrency will serve as a medium of exchange, enabling transactions, exclusive rewards, and incentives. Its secure, decentralised, and transparent nature will ensure the integrity of the ecosystem, aiming to address some of the most pressing challenges in the education sector’s digital transformation and growth.

The launch of the new branded cryptocurrency represents a key development in the world of blockchain as it will be exclusively integrated into Sandbox Group’s portfolio of brands and services that include Kidomi, the all-in-one super app, and Code Kingdoms, online coding courses for kids.

XDB CHAIN has lately introduced Branded Coins (BCOs) that allow multiple brands to collaborate across the same technology stack. This innovative concept will allow Sandbox Group to provide progressive benefits to its users with an enhanced user experience in web3, the decentralised internet, as well as offer special discounts, resulting in even better value for its subscribers.

Shan Eisenberg, Chief Commercial Official of Sandbox Group says: “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new cryptocurrency which will enhance our existing Sandbox Group products and will offer unique incentives to our users. Our decision to mint the cryptocurrency exclusively on the XDB CHAIN stems from XDB CHAIN’ innovative approach to blockchain technology, specifically engineered to onboard brands and leverage loyalty ecosystems.”

Daniele Mensi, CEO of XDB FOUNDATION, says: “We’re excited about partnering with Sandbox Group as we see this relationship as the perfect way to address the challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry: mass adoption and user-experience. By integrating this new cryptocurrency into Sandbox Group’s product ecosystem that reaches millions of users worldwide, we aim to encourage widespread legitimate acceptance of cryptocurrencies towards a set of enhanced real-world use cases.”

The official whitepaper will be released later this month, including the name of the coin and all details. The launch of this new cryptocurrency is expected in early 2024.

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Sara Sciusco: Marketing Manager  [email protected]

Agnes Lesti: Communications and Partnerships Manager [email protected]

About Sandbox Group

Sandbox Group is a London-based group operating a network of learning businesses. At Sandbox we seek to build, nurture and support the scaling of a diverse family of brands and services. We know the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, so we believe in the power of collaboration with like-minded partners to create fun, engaged learning. Our businesses are at the intersection of the digital, learning and media industries and include brands like Code Kingdoms, online coding courses for kids, Hopster, preschool learning platform, and Leiturinha, Brazil’s No1. kids book subscription service. Sandbox is committed to providing an unparalleled ecosystem of edutainment products, and currently reaches over 65 million children, their parents, and teachers.


As XDB CHAIN, the entire project and its community stand poised to propel the blockchain industry into a new era to embrace novel use cases, nurture collaborative communities, and boldly push the boundaries of what technology can achieve. This is just an invitation to join XDB CHAIN on this journey into the future of Blockchain for Brands empowering The Consumers of Tomorrow.


Marketing Manager
Sara Sciusco
XDB Foundation
[email protected]


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