Sahara Protocol deploys with its TGE – pre-public sale

Sahara Protocol deploys with its TGE – pre-public sale

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Entirely self-funded through the development of the MVP, Saharaโ€™s privacy protocol launched on Polygon in mid-March.

The token generation event, which took place on 2022-3/10, successfully marked the minting of 650,000,000 $SHRA tokens. The currency will allow platform users to navigate multiple blockchains in complete privacy as Sahara continues its development of a viable solution to the decentralized privacy problem.

The MVP beta platform went live late last year, and was developed through 2021 entirely through self-funding. Sahara teamed up with seasoned blockchain developers SUPER HOW? in a long-term partnership that is set to continue in coming years. It was this mutual commitment that allowed the privacy protocol to be brought to deployment stage before Saharaโ€™s public sale.

The TGE places Sahara Protocol in a unique category of blockchain projects that develop their products before the token sale goes public. The founders of Sahara believe itโ€™s set their project up for long-term ecosystem sustainability.

Said CEO Babak Rabiee of the TGE:

โ€œThere are so many blockchain projects that fizzle out, simply because they donโ€™t have the long game in mind. They raise and then enter the development stage – which sometimes doesnโ€™t even run till completion. Sahara is a project set on making real change happen; our goal is to create an actual solution to blockchain financeโ€™s privacy problem.โ€

The privacy protocol will deploy its vesting contracts on Polygon pending audit completion, and then move onto its next chain deployment. By designing and building a unique smart contracts architectural system, Sahara will provide user privacy atop the EVM-based blockchains it launches on. On the projectโ€™s current roadmap, these include Solana, Avalanche, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain, in addition to Polygon.

Privacy is a steadily increasing user demand from blockchain and DeFi enthusiasts. At present, no protocol offers multi-chain capacity, meaning users are forced to choose between trading freedom on the big blockchains and retaining their data protection.

As such, user-managed privacy is the only all-encompassing solution on the market, which poses many hurdles for those looking to protect their data while navigating the decentralized world. Sahara Protocol aims to marry trading freedom with true privacy through its multi-chain platform.

The project raised $2 million USD ahead of their MVP launch, and are still taking on investors in private rounds. Saharaโ€™s public sale is planned to go live sometime during Q2, in a highly exclusive offering of just 1% of tokens minted reserved for the public IDO.