Lingo Launches Biggest SocialFi Campaign Yet with Multi-Million Token Reward Pool

Lingo's innovative SocialFi campaign introduces a multi-million token reward pool to drive user engagement and platform growth.

Lingo Launches Biggest SocialFi Campaign Yet with Multi-Million Token Reward Pool

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Paris, France, May 15th, 2024, Chainwire – Lingo, the world’s first token that leverages RWA and blockchain technology to reward community members with real-world benefits regardless of market conditions, is launching its largest airdrop SocialFi campaign to-date with a reward pool of millions of $LINGO tokens up for grabs.

The upcoming Airdrop distribution will be conducted through an in-depth gamified raffle approach using the Twitter/X API. The campaign offers multiple participation methods, allowing every Web3 user to participate, win rewards and earn $LINGO token.

The campaign’s built-in referral system offers guaranteed rewards for up to 10 invites. Users will also be rewarded based on their participation within the Lingo ecosystem. A top-quality content feature will be available, rewarding users with the best threads, memes, artistic creations, and much more. Based on their interactions with Lingo posts and using the #LINGO hashtag, users can collect air miles, redeemable for in-app cards.

Lingo was founded by HM Rawat and David Amsellem, the entrepreneur behind John Paul, the world’s top premium loyalty program that sold to Accor hotels in 2016 for $150 million. Since then, the founding team has set its sights on disrupting the Web3 rewards industry through a blockchain-based overhaul that prioritizes community benefits.

Most Web3 projects fail to reward their communities over time, and most end up crashing due to poor incentives, little real value generation, and a lack of tangible rewards in day-to-day life.

Lingo offers an entirely new model fueled by real-world assets, offering constant rewards to its community. Buying real-world assets that generate consistent revenue, Lingo is buying back $LINGO and distributing it to holders already staking tokens on its platform. Regardless of market conditions, people can access real-world rewards.

Lingo’s rewards marketplace is designed to be as user-friendly as an in-app point system. It offers new exclusive monthly rewards and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. More importantly, Lingo empowers the community to decide on future reward partnerships and the direction of value-driven initiatives.

Through its easy-to-use, easy-to-earn but extensive rewards program, Lingo strives to accelerate Web3 mass adoption through a tangible, more sustainable model that everyday consumers can easily jump into and start generating real-world value.

About Lingo

Lingo is the first-ever community rewards token, striving to create an ever-growing rewards ecosystem that generates real-world value for its community each and every month, regardless of market conditions. The groundbreaking project was created by industry veterans who built a premium loyalty company that sold for $150 million. Lingo holders are all eligible to earn rewards just for holding and staking it. The reward points generated are redeemable for real-world products and experiences like vacations and hotel stays.



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