Ledger and Stader strengthen collaboration, Stader offers highest rewards for one-click Eth liquid staking on Ledger Live.

Ledger enhances ETH staking with Stader on Ledger Live, offering up to 10% initial rewards, fueled by a growing $25M staked total.

Ledger and Stader strengthen collaboration, Stader offers highest rewards for one-click Eth liquid staking on Ledger Live.

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  • Over $25Mn already staked with Stader by Ledger users.
  • Boosted flat 10% staking rewards for the first month on staking ETH with Stader on Ledger Live.

Ledger and Stader Labs’ collaboration has grown stronger, ushering in an era of one-click ETH staking for Ledger users with highest rewards. With standard staking rewards at 3.5%, Stader is offering more than double staking rewards on Ledger. ETHx users on Ledger can now earn 10% staking rewards for the first month and 6%  for the next 2 months. This offers Ledger users unparalleled convenience and rewards for staking their ETH. 

With over $25 million already staked by Ledger users with Stader, this enhanced alliance will unlock a new realm of possibilities for ETH holders.

Jean-Francois Rochet, VP of Consumer Services at Ledger said –

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Stader Labs, making staking easier by offering secure, one-click staking in Ledger Live. Pairing ease-of-use with security is paramount, particularly in the developing bull market, and we’re always looking to work with great partners like Stader Labs to bring enhanced offerings to Ledger users.”

This initiative seamlessly blends accessibility with the robust security and lucrative rewards that Stader offers. Ledger users can stake their ETH directly from the Ledger Live app, giving them ease and efficiency. 

Stader Labs operates across major EVM chains such as Ethereum, Polygon and BNB. With a TVL of over $450 million and a community of over 20,000 stakers, Stader’s ETHx token is a testament to their commitment to keeping Ethereum decentralized. As a cToken, ETHx inherently accrues rewards, simplifying reward management for users.

Ledger develops hardware wallets designed to keep your assets safe, providing industry-leading enterprise-grade security for your tokens. The Ledger’s custom-made OS isolates apps from each other and provides an extra layer of protection against any malicious attacks.

This collaboration between Ledger and Stader signifies more than just a technological integration; it represents a shared vision for a more accessible, secure, and rewarding DeFi ecosystem. 

For more information about ETHx, check out their website: staderlabs.com/eth. Keep yourself updated, by following Stader Ethereum on Twitter or joining Telegram group and Discord

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