LAKE Unveils Water Shop Portal Trailer in Celebration of Paris Blockchain Week

LAKE's Water Shop premieres at Paris Blockchain Week, showcasing a new era of blockchain-based clean water access.

LAKE Unveils Water Shop Portal Trailer in Celebration of Paris Blockchain Week

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Paris, France, April 10th, 2024, Chainwire – In the spirit of innovation that defines Paris Blockchain Week, LAKE (LAK3) is proud to announce the premiere of its Water Shop trailer. This reveal is not just a milestone for LAKE but a testament to the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize one of the most fundamental needs of humanity: access to clean water.

The LAKE Portal is an ambitious step forward in the companyโ€™s mission to democratize water access worldwide. Utilizing the power of the LAK3 token, the portal offers a direct, blockchain-enabled portal for individuals to buy, sell, own, and invest in water, from spring to consumer. This initiative not only promises to streamline water distribution but also ensures transparency, security, and fairness in every transaction.

The release of the Water Shop trailer is timed to celebrate Paris Blockchain Week, a gathering that brings together the brightest minds in blockchain, NFTs, and Web3. By aligning the trailer’s release with the event, LAKE underscores its commitment to the ethos of blockchain for social good and leverages the international spotlight to share its vision with a global audience.

The trailer offers viewers a first look at the sleek, user-friendly interface of the Water Shop. Viewers are invited to imagine a world where accessing clean water is as simple as a few clicks, all while contributing to a sustainable water economy. Next steps include releasing the Water Shop on the Testnet (Polygon) for a BETA testing to receive valuable feedback from the community. This phase will invite hundreds of members of the community before summer 2024.

Jean-Hugues Gavarini, CEO and Co-founder of LAKE, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, โ€œThe Water Shop represents the culmination of years of hard work and innovation. As we unveil this trailer in conjunction with Paris Blockchain Week, weโ€™re not just showcasing a product but inviting the world to join us in a movement that reimagines water access for the 21st century and beyond.โ€

LAKE invites all Paris Blockchain Week attendees and the wider public to watch the Water Shop trailer and explore the possibilities it unveils. As the LAKE portal prepares for its official launch in 2024, LAKE continues to forge partnerships and develop features that will ensure its place at the forefront of blockchainโ€™s intersection with water access for all.

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About LAKE

LAKE is an innovative Web3 ecosystem facilitating a fair and decentralized access to water worldwide. This is the first project to bring a clear, transparent and decentralized ecosystem changing the way we interact with water, from purchasing, warehousing, to distributing, consuming and even donating it. With a mission to connect millions to Web3, LAKE sparks transformative change in how we perceive and manage this increasingly scarce vital resource.

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