CRYPTO-INTEGRITY-TAO’s “Sustained Global Disruption Advantage”

CRYPTO-INTEGRITY-TAO’s “Sustained Global Disruption Advantage”

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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will deliver fantastic rewards to society:  we all want the finest examples of entertainment, ethics, uses that solve problems, and ways to prove secure investment, yet this needs global awareness (eyeballs) that with good planning are presented to the world in ways they already enjoy and adapt easily to, such as films and apps.  This is best reached by interfacing this Edge Technology with feature films and series, which spawn so many Games and Apps now.  

Blockchain is one of the most complex series of systems we’ve ever created; filmmaking is even more complex, and we’re merging the two for maximum Spirit, Scale, Profits, and advancements for humanity. It is naïve to think a company in either Industry can “wing it” and succeed.  This fact is what makes Consulting from this “Thought Leader” so unique and valuable to all high players in either arena.  Systems are pawns to Dynamics: Dynamics rule their ecosystems.  It gives you a “Sustained Global Disruption Advantage” (SGDA.)   You want Consulting to evolve your enterprise into a Dynamic – it’s as simple as that.  

Crypto-Integrity-Tao and its Founder Scott Morgan took five years to analyze Blockchain and cryptocurrencies on a much higher level – one that presents metrics based in Physics that help in the engineering of Blockchain’s future. This required analysis not just in Mathematics because Mathematics is just one system of evaluation that come together for form a business “Dynamic” like you find in real estate or technology investments.  His achievement earned him interviews with many global finance and entertainment news sources and magazines including Forbes, Newsweek, Hollywood Reporter, Business Insider.

To ensure a dominating Blockchain DLT, cryptocurrency, and Metaverse “Dynamic” merged with filmmaking, it must be designed as a whole from the start — and has to be a “Vertical Business Model.”

Morgan’s 30 years in Hollywood Producing, and his mentoring to run a Studio, led him to be first to do deeper analysis to build a complete Dynamic:  Games, Apps, Apps, Music, Merchandise, NFT’s, X.R., and future Metaverses built into production of these films will appear this year with his breakthroughs.

For the first time, DLT will be used to solve several problems in the Game and Film Industry. For example, it will help prevent piracy and cheats in Game from the very start and make sure all legal terms between the Games and Films cover expansion into Metaverses, NFT’s, and Gamer professional recognition.   

For Films it will ensure true Box Office returns and prevent false advertising costs Studio take from investors.  This tracking is already perfected by many companies for music – filmmaking is far more complex but will pay off far more in profits.   Royalties rise dramatically using DLT. 

This is the “Uber-izing of Hollywood.”  

Legacy Hollywood Studios simply do not understand the complexity of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Metaverses to launch this new investment model.    

Crypto-Integrity-Tao created the only Studio “Dynamic”

and it solves many of Hollywood’s problems

by offering a more transparent “Vertical Business Model”

which turns filmmaking into an Edge Technology investment.  

This can only be offered if the films and technology are all within one business Dynamic starting with fresh contracts to avoid lawsuits.


These Games and Metaverses will include “Play to Earn” and “Learn to Earn”

and the Tokens will be redeemable in real world ways.  

Traditional global investment funds that usually invest billions in Edge Technology, the Gig Economy, and Games can now launch them with the fanbase of movies and shows. It is common knowledge that top Games make $100-200 million per month, and future Games offering Interoperable Tokens seem to already be a huge hit with gamers.   These Games/Metaverses must be inserted into production. The royalties can then be used as the collateral proving upcoming Tokens have a usable, measurable value.  

Hire Mr. Morgan for consulting.

The details of the metrics, films, and the Dynamic will be presented in a live event. It will also come through consulting offered by Crypto-Integrity-Tao (online and in person.) Some knowledge is proprietary and can only be shown at the events or in private consulting so —   

Attend his Live Event in Las Vegas

It’ll blow your mind seeing the greater potential and breakthroughs explained thoroughly by Morgan. 

Study the websites.  See why he is a true Thought Leader delivering years ahead of the Blockchain world. and

The entire business Dynamic and I.P. assets convertible to NFTs and Metaverses will be presented at a Live Event held at MEET in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022.  

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