Colony Lab Presents First-Ever ‘Liquid Vesting’ Feature for Early-Stage Crypto Investments

Colony Lab introduces 'liquid vesting' to enable trading of vesting tokens, revolutionizing early-stage crypto investments.

Colony Lab Presents First-Ever ‘Liquid Vesting’ Feature for Early-Stage Crypto Investments

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Dubai, UAE, May 15th, 2024, Chainwire – Colony Lab announces the launch of its decentralized fundraising platform, aimed at democratizing access to seed sales investments in early-stage projects, previously limited to a select group, including VCs and high-net-worth individuals. Alongside the launch of the platform, Colony Lab releases the ‘Liquid Vesting’ feature, offering flexibility in trading tokens during their lockup period. This feature, a first in the crypto space, allows investors to trade their locked or vesting tokens on Colony’s DEX without conventional restrictions.

Additionally, the ‘Liquid Vesting’ feature allows unlimited trading of tokens that are not yet fully vested before the vesting period concludes without impacting the secondary market. The process, entirely conducted on-chain, ensures transparency and security for all transactions.

Following two years of development, the release of Colony’s Early-Stage platform and Liquid Vesting will allow users to invest directly in seed sales of early-stage projects from the moment of launch.

“When we developed the platform and the ‘Liquid Vesting’ feature, our aim was to make investing in crypto simple and flexible for everyone. We hope these enhancements will create more opportunities for early investors and improve liquidity in the primary market. Our goal is to transform investment practices in the blockchain world by prioritizing clarity, security, and openness. Colony Lab is at the forefront of making early-stage investments more dynamic and accessible.”- Elie Le Rest, CEO & Co-Founder Colony Lab

With the launch of these features, Colony Lab introduces liquidity to the primary market for the first time as well as opens up early-stage investments to a broader audience, enabling a more inclusive and dynamic investment environment. The Colony Lab community is estimated as over 8,000 active users, boasting a collective net worth of $200 million.

About Colony Lab

Colony Lab accelerates the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem with a community-centric approach. By channeling investments into strategic areas of the AVAX landscape, Colony Lab not only bolsters the network but also enriches its stakers with unique financial opportunities. For those looking to be part of the Avalanche ecosystem’s expansion and wishing to benefit from $CLY’s innovative reward system, Colony Lab represents a gateway to the future of decentralized finance.



CEO and Co-Founder
Elie Le Rest
[email protected]


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