AI-Powered Gaming Platform Ultiverse raised $4 Million at $150 Million Valuation

AI-Powered Gaming Platform Ultiverse raised $4 Million at $150 Million Valuation

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Singapore, Singapore, February 14th, 2024, Chainwire –ย Ulitverse, an AI-powered one-stop platform for Web3 gaming production and publishing, is thrilled to the completion of its strategic round of $4 million. This round is led by IDG Capital, followed by Animoca Brands, Polygon Ventures, MorningStar Ventures, Taiko, ZetaChain, Manta Network, DWF Ventures, and Jacob KO (Partner of Superscrypt),ย etc.

โ€œThe capital allows us to accelerate our vision of building the most intuitive AI-powered platform for web3 game creation,” said Frank Ma, Ultiverse CEO. “Going forward, Ultiverse remains committed to delivering an ecosystem with accessible tools and captivating experiences to nurture the next generation of AI-driven Web3 games” Frank Ma added.

“Next week, Ultiverse will release Ulti-Pilot, an immersive portal to the universe’s diverse gaming experiences, powered by AI. It is one step closer to materializing gaming interoperability through AI and blockchain. The team plans to launch Gaming Launchpad, Restake Rollup and dapps in the future.” Frank Ma concluded.

Since its inception in 2022, Ultiverse has:

  • Launched its genesis NFT,ย Electrisheepย (Floor price at 2 ETH, MarketCap $30M).
  • Unveiled the Ultiverse Main World, marking the official opening of the Ultiverse World Book, supported by AI.
  • Releasedย Terminusย PC and Vision Pro versions on Steam, featuring AI-powered Non-Player Characters (NPCs).
  • Launched three DApps:ย Meta Merge, Terminus City, andย CricketFly.

Ultiverse was founded in 2022 by Frank Ma, Jimmy Liu, and Joe Chou. Ultiverseโ€™s registered users have surpassed 7.3 million as of December 2023, and Monthly Active Users (30-day average) is more than 830,000 globally. Investors in the previous round includeย Binance Labs, Sequoia, DeFiance Capital, Emirates Consortium, MorningStar Ventures, GSR Ventures, Foresight Ventures, etc. This round of funding is at the evaluation of $150 million.

About Ultiverse

Ultiverseย is an AI-powered one-stop platform for Web3 gaming production and publishing, catalyzing the mass adoption of AI-enhanced Web3 games. The team consists of gaming, tech, and blockchain project veterans, who graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, Tsinghua University Yao Class, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, etc.ย For more information, users can visitย



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