ABBC Foundation announces the launching of crypto payment shopping mall Buyaladdin

ABBC Foundation announces the launching of crypto payment shopping mall Buyaladdin

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ABBC Foundation announced the upcoming global launching of its online shopping mall Buyaladdin, where transactions will be held solely in cryptocurrency. Here, users can buy a vast range of products while also placing their own items up for sale. Notably, ABBC Foundationโ€™s CEO Jason Daniel also announced that 1 ABBC will amount to $100 when shopping at Buyaladdin.In addition, Buyaladdin is headquartered in the United States of America, and managed by CEO Stanley Park stated that this will be one of a kind shopping experience for crypto lovers across the globe.

This cryptocurrency payment-based eCommerce shopping platform will be accepting payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and ABBC Coin (ABBC). Buyaladdin will let the shoppers pay using cryptocurrency easily from even their mobile phones.

Following the launch of Buyaladdin, CEO Jason Daniel spoke about the addition of the crypto online shopping mall to the ABBC ecosystem. He said:

“Buyaladdin has always been one of our grandest goals, and it is one of the core segments in the ever-growing ABBC ecosystem. For many years, we have been working relentlessly to perfect Buyaladdin and make it available globally. With Buyaladdin, we aim to showcase a user-friendly shopping application that accepts leading cryptocurrencies alongside our very own ABBC. With great pride, I also announce that 1 ABBC will be worth $100 exclusively within the app. Through this policy, we will be able to reward our loving and supportive ABBC community.”

Buyaladdin will give users from around the world an opportunity to use their cryptocurrency to purchase a vast range of items and sell their own items to a global audience in exchange for cryptocurrency. With this eCommerce platform, anyone can sell pre-loved products to a global audience through live streaming. As per the resources, it provides an opportunity for laypersons, entrepreneurs, and even new and upcoming brands to be a seller and reach an international audience. This will help to maximize their profits.

The Buyaladdin crypto online shopping mall will be essential to the greater ABBC ecosystem. Buyaladdin joins other products such as Aladdin Wallet, Aladdin Pro Wallet, Real Research, and DOMINO Decentralized Exchange. These platforms make up the ecosystem created by ABBC Foundation, powered through ABBC Coin.

Recently, ABBC launched its next-generation decentralized exchange DOMINO DEX. The organization installed user-friendly features on the decentralized exchange on top of charging a minimal fee to the traders. P2P trading enhances the trading experience and provides anonymity to the traders. With the rise of Web 3.0, ABBC Foundation is launching notable projects to contribute to the sphere of blockchain technology.

ABBC Foundation has yet to announce the global launching date for Buyaladdin.

About ABBC Foundation

ABBC Foundation is the organization that maintains the best interests of ABBC Coin. Based in Dubai, the foundation utilizes its strategic locationโ€”being at the epicenter of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption โ€“ to pave the way for the future of payment security.