Ledger Launches Live Desktop App for Monitoring Crypto Wallets Ledger Launches Live Desktop App for Monitoring Crypto Wallets
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Ledger Launches Live Desktop App for Monitoring Crypto Wallets

France-based hardware manufacturer Ledger announced the release of a new app that functions as a companion to the Ledger hardware wallet range, providing ledger hardware wallet users with an alternative to legacy Chrome browser-based wallet management tools.

The new Ledger desktop app provides users with a simple method of managing crypto assets and hardware, functioning as an โ€œall-in-one companion applicationโ€ that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Ledger Live Streamlines Wallet Management

Until now, Ledger hardware wallet owners have been required to manage their crypto-assets via third-party solutions or with Chrome browser-based management tools. The new Ledger Live app allows users to set up new Ledger devices with simple onboarding, or import existing accounts into the Ledger Live app quickly and easily.

Importantly, the new Ledger Live app provides multi-account management functionality, eliminating the need to switch between different apps for disparate cryptocurrencies. The new desktop app also provides real-time market rate data on assets held, as well as data on balances and transactions when Ledger hardware devices are disconnected.

The Ledger Live app also provides secure transaction guidance with additional transaction confirmations to ensure users are sending assets to the correct address. Ledger CEO Eric Larcheveque commented on the launch of the new app via the Ledger blog, stating that additional features โ€” such as ERC-20 token support โ€” will be implemented in the near future:

Some features like ERC20 token support will not be included in the first version of Ledger Live but will be part of future planned updates. Ledger Live is available for free to all and will support the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Blue.