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Inside one of the world’s biggest DAOs Inside one of the world’s biggest DAOs

Inside one of the world’s biggest DAOs

BitDAO has a treasury of $2.2 billion and we discuss how this money is used on a daily basis

Inside one of the world’s biggest DAOs

Cover art/illustration via CryptoSlate

We recently spoke to two of the core members for BitDAO, one of the world’s biggest DAOs by treasury holdings. During our conversation, we explored how DAOs could potentially replace politics, what it is like being involved in a DAO and what the best use cases are for DAOs going forward. The interview below gives a fascinating insight into BitDAO and how it uses its treasury of $2.2 billion.

To find out more about BitDAO beyond the interview you can visit their website or simply buy the BIT token and join yourself. Every proposal that the DAO votes on is transparently viewable on their Snapshot page. All you need to vote on the next proposal is to own BIT tokens which can be purchased on exchanges such as Bybit and FTX. Interestingly, just under 50% of the BitDAO treasury is held in BIT tokens. The rest is held in Ethereum, USDC, USDT, and others.

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