How this NFT whale lost $150K to a ‘joke’ How this NFT whale lost $150K to a ‘joke’

How this NFT whale lost $150K to a ‘joke’

Franklin admits there is a "0% chance" he would get back his funds as some crypto community members troll him for his loss.

How this NFT whale lost $150K to a ‘joke’

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Bored Ape NFT whale Franklin lost 100 wrapped Ethereum (WETH), worth roughly $150.000, to a joke bid gone wrong for an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain he registered on July 20.

The joke started on July 19 when Franklin asked his followers which “phrase or meme” they wanted him to place a 100 WETH bid on to trigger the ENS Bids Twitter bot account.

Franklin then registered “stop-doing-fake-bids-its-honestly-lame-my-guy.eth” using a different wallet and placed a 100 WETH bid from his main wallet.

However, Franklin got a surprising offer of 1.9 WETH (roughly $2800) from someone else for the ENS domain. He accepted the bid, took to Twitter to celebrate his “win,” and forgot to cancel his last 100 WETH offer for the same ENS name.

Meanwhile, less than 30 minutes later, the new owner of the ENS domain name accepted Franklin’s forgotten 100 WETH bid –essentially selling the domain name he bought from Franklin for $2800 back to him at $150,000.

Franklin took to Twitter to lament the situation tweeting that he didn’t get “botted” and had “plenty of time” to cancel his offer.

The Bored Ape whale is now trying to regain his lost 100 WETH by refunding the 1.9 WETH he got from the ENS domain sale. He, however, admits there is a “0% chance” he would get back his funds.

A Twitter account, 8892OS, claimed he was the recipient of Franklin’s 100 WETH.

As of press time, it is unclear whether Franklin got back his 100 WETH.

Crypto community reacts

Twitter’s crypto community has been divided in their reaction to this situation.

Some argued that the new seller should keep his holding, while others think Franklin should be refunded.

Some community members also used the opportunity to troll Franklin.

An NFT collector DC Investor said everyone should learn from Franklin’s mistake and “respect the blockchain as a fiduciary layer.”

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