French millennials embrace crypto investments amid rising digital influence French millennials embrace crypto investments amid rising digital influence

French millennials embrace crypto investments amid rising digital influence

French AMF study reveals growing crypto engagement among young investors with emphasis on digital information sources.

French millennials embrace crypto investments amid rising digital influence

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The investment landscape in France is witnessing a significant shift, with an increase in interest in crypto among younger citizens.

A recent study published by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and conducted by Audirep reveals intriguing insights into the evolving behaviors and preferences of new retail investors in France, with a notable emphasis on crypto-assets. The survey, conducted in spring 2023, provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging investment patterns, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nearly one in four French adults (24%) are engaged in investments in financial instruments or crypto-assets. This indicates a considerable increase in retail investment activity, with half of these investors having started since 2020. This new wave of investors represents about 12% of the adult French population, with a striking 9% owning crypto-assets.

The profile of these new investors is exciting. They are generally younger, with an average age of 38, and exhibit a distinct “digital” profile regarding sourcing information and investing. A significant 65% hold crypto-assets and many rely heavily on social media (68%) and influencers (41%) for investment information. This reliance on digital channels underscores the growing influence of online platforms in shaping investment decisions.

Furthermore, the study highlights that 67% of those holding crypto-assets are satisfied with their investment performance, compared to 62% overall satisfaction among new retail investors. This satisfaction is noteworthy, given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. However, the report also raises concerns about the overestimation of financial knowledge among these investors, particularly young people aged 18 to 24 and those from lower socio-professional categories. Only 48% of new investors understand the concept of risk reduction through asset diversification.

The interest in crypto-assets is particularly pronounced among younger investors, with 63% of new investors aged 25-34 owning crypto-assets, compared to just 25% of traditional investors. This demographic is also more likely to engage in gambling activities, both online and offline, indicating a higher tolerance for risk.

Moreover, these new crypto investors, on average 37 years old, often exhibit financial confidence, with average financial assets of €117,000 and an average investment of €9,317. A substantial 58% have invested in crypto-assets, and 70% are more likely to consult a professional advisor before making investment decisions.