Crypto investment products market reaches YTD net inflow Crypto investment products market reaches YTD net inflow

Crypto investment products market reaches YTD net inflow

Crypto investment products recorded a $57 million inflow last week, which brought the market to a net inflow position year-to-date.

Crypto investment products market reaches YTD net inflow

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The crypto investment products market recorded $57 million in inflows during the week of April 3, according to CoinShares’  report.

This inflow brought the crypto investment products market into a net inflow position year-to-date, as the CoinShares report noted.

Weekly flows (Source: CoinShares)
Weekly flows (Source: CoinShares)

Up until the week of March 20, the crypto investment products market has been recording outflows for six weeks straight. The total losses during this time added up to $408 million.

The largest outflow during these six weeks was recorded in the week of March 6, when the market lost $255 million, which accounted for 1% of the market at the time.

Flows by asset

Bitcoin (BTC) based investment products nearly accounted for all the inflow recorded during the week. Of the $57 million worth of inflows in total, BTC products saw $56 million in inflows.

Flows by asset (Source: CoinShares)
Flows by asset (Source: CoinShares)

Ethereum (ETH) based products contributed the second largest amount, seeing $600,000 in inflows. Ripple (XRP) and Polygon (MATIC) also contributed $200,000 in inflows each.

Meanwhile, short-BTC-based products and multi-asset products recorded outflows worth $600,000 and $400,000, respectively.

Flows by provider

When the flows are categorized by the provider, ProShares come forward as the organization that recorded the most significant inflow at $25.3 million — accounting for over 44% of the total amount.

Flows by provider (Source: CoinShares)
Flows by provider (Source: CoinShares)

21Shares followed ProShares as the second largest contributor to inflows with $11.8 million. Even though CoinShares Physical recorded $1.1 million in inflows, CoinShares XBT saw $1.2 million in outflows — which brought CoinShares’ final score to $100,000 in outflows.

Meanwhile, Purpose and CI Investments recorded $900,000 and  $100,000 in inflows — while 3Qi saw $100,000 in outflows.

US leads in inflows

According to the numbers, the U.S. is responsible for adding $26.8 million in inflows — accounting for nearly 50% of the total amount.

Germany and Switzerland followed the U.S. by contributing the second and third most significant share in inflows with $16.6 million and $12.8 million, respectively. Canada also contributed $2.2 million in inflows as the fourth in line.

Meanwhile, Sweden and Brazil recorded $1.2 million and $300,000 in outflows, respectively.

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