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DEAI Market Stats

  • Price $0.77150
  • 1H Change +1.42%
  • 24H Change -1.01%
  • 7 Day Change +54.07%

Zero1 Labs Info

Zero1 is a decentralized artificial intelligence (DeAi) ecosystem that prioritizes data governance and provides scalable infrastructure for DeAi applications. Built by developers from Wormhole, Solana, and Orderly Network, Zero1 aims to empower the next generation of open-source AI builders by offering a robust platform for their projects. The platform includes pre-built tools, a Zapier-like API, and a dApp Store, allowing developers to streamline their workflow and launch their applications seamlessly.

Economic Framework and Financial Primitive

The economic layer of future generations will be AI-based, and blockchain-based tokens will serve as the native digital currency for AI systems to transact. Zero1 provides a new financial primitive to build those systems, fostering a more equitable AI revolution. The platform’s economic framework, the Zero Economic Framework, ensures that developers benefit every time their applications are used, creating a sustainable economic model for open-source AI development.

Community-Centric Ethos and Open Platform

Zero1’s community-centric ethos ensures that economic incentives are aligned with every user, fostering a collaborative environment for DeAI creators. The platform includes a DeAI Toolset, a Zapier-like API, a dApp Store, and a Discovery Platform, providing opportunities for developers to gain exposure for their apps, models, and tools. Additionally, Zero1 utilizes a unique protocol for cross-chain data and asset transfers, enhancing AI model diversity and broadening data accessibility.

Optimized for High Computational Demands and Secure AI Ecosystem

Zero1’s architecture is specifically designed for scalability, catering to the intensive computational needs of AI operations. The platform merges a secure contract environment within a decentralized network framework, ensuring a robust, privacy-focused AI data and model sharing infrastructure. By fostering a secure, autonomous AI ecosystem, Zero1 aims to propel the AI revolution forward in a more equal and prosperous manner.

Zero1 Labs Technical Info

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