$0.65744 +1%
Market Cap $76,197,780
24H Volume $464,221
Circulating Supply 115,900,003
Total Supply 1,500,000,000
1H -0.39%
24H +1%
7D -11.06%

What is SUKU?

Citizens Reserve has brought together a team with experience in blockchain, supply chain management, finance, and technology development to build SUKU. The team describes SUKU to be ”the link between open finance, traceability, and transparency.’ and “the future of supply chains today.”

The SUKU Ecosystem uses an ERC20-compatible token called the SUKU Token. Both Trading Partners and Technology Partners use the token within the SUKU Ecosystem. The SUKU Token has the following platform uses:

  1. Governance: SUKU Tokens enable the right to vote. For example, one of the voting opportunities could be voting on proposals to improve the SUKU Core Layer
  2. Transaction Fees: For specific transactions where the SUKU Core Layer is used, as explained in Section 4.2, a fee is collected that will be split between the SUKU Core Token Reserve and SUKU Node operators. Also, Technology Partners may design applications orservices which earn SUKU Tokens as well
  3. Rewards / Incentives: SUKU Tokens reward users of the platform. For example, after onboarding onto the SUKU Platform, the user receives a SUKU Token reward to seed their wallet with SUKU Tokens to interact on the SUKU Platform

SUKU Network & Signals

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Yonathan Lapchik
Yonathan Lapchik


James Bower
James Bower

Chairman & Co-founder

Addison McKenzie
Addison McKenzie

President & Co-founder

Lucas Henning
Lucas Henning


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