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  • Price $0.36356
  • 1H Change +0.44%
  • 24H Change +0.4%
  • 7 Day Change +2.71%

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Parcl Info

Parcl, a decentralized exchange within the Parcl Ecosystem, offers users the opportunity to gain long or short exposure to real-world real estate prices. This ecosystem comprises Parcl, Parcl Labs, and Parcl Limited, which collaboratively develop and govern the Parcl Protocol. By leveraging novel and world-class real estate data from Parcl Labs, the platform aims to establish a liquid market for the largest asset class globally.

The PRCL token is the backbone of the Parcl Ecosystem, providing governance rights, access to Parcl Labs data and analytics, and network incentives. By utilizing the PRCL token, users can actively participate in the decision-making process, access valuable data and analytics, and benefit from network rewards.

Parcl’s decentralized exchange model enables users to engage directly with real estate prices, offering a unique opportunity for those interested in this asset class. By providing a platform for long or short exposure, Parcl caters to various investment strategies, allowing users to capitalize on both rising and falling real estate markets.

Parcl Technical Info

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