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OCTA Price
Market Cap
24H Volume
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OCTA Market Stats

  • Price $1.94655
  • 1H Change +1.85%
  • 24H Change +2.72%
  • 7 Day Change -8.35%
  • 30 Day Change +61.38%
  • 1 Year Change +1038.38%
  • All-Time High $2.20645
  • % From ATH -12.26%
  • ATH Date May 12, 2024

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OctaSpace Info

OctaSpace distinguishes itself from conventional cloud services with its broad spectrum of distributed computing options, encompassing GPU and CPU leasing, VPNs, and more, catering to sectors like gaming, IoT, and AI. It supports diverse applications from cloud storage to decentralized VPNs and rental services, emphasizing security and privacy through a decentralized structure. Additionally, OctaSpace promotes environmental sustainability by enabling resource sharing, offers decentralized and cost-effective cloud storage, incorporates a staking mechanism for network integrity, and ensures scalability to meet growing demands.

  • Broad Computing Services: OctaSpace enriches the tech landscape with a variety of distributed computing solutions, from GPU/CPU leasing to VPN services, catering to sectors such as gaming, IoT, and AI.
  • Diverse Applications: It supports an array of services like cloud storage and decentralized VPNs, offering a platform that champions data privacy and security for users and organizations.
  • Enhanced Security Features: With its decentralized architecture, OctaSpace strengthens data protection, leveraging a network of nodes for increased privacy and security.
  • Eco-friendly Resource Sharing: The platform promotes the sharing of unused computing power, emphasizing energy and hardware efficiency for sustainable technology use.
  • Decentralized Storage Solutions: Offering a more secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional cloud storage, OctaSpace utilizes decentralized infrastructure for enhanced data privacy.
  • Token-based Network Integrity: Encourages token holding as a means to ensure network security, fostering a less centralized, more distributed network ecosystem.
  • Adaptable Scalability: Designed for growth, OctaSpace efficiently meets increasing demands, allowing users to scale computing resources seamlessly as their needs expand.

OctaSpace serves a variety of sectors with its applications:

  • Cloud Computing: Enables the secure and efficient leasing of computing resources, including GPUs, CPUs, and storage.
  • Gaming: Provides decentralized hosting solutions to enhance the gaming industry.
  • IoT: Offers a secure, decentralized framework for managing, storing, and analyzing IoT data.
  • AI: Supports a decentralized platform for training and deploying AI models, ensuring secure data handling and sharing, along with compatibility features.

OctaSpace Technical Info

  • Blockchain Own Blockchain

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