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NOS Price
Market Cap
24H Volume

NOS Market Stats

  • Price $5.41348
  • 1H Change -0.45%
  • 24H Change +4.15%
  • 7 Day Change +12.83%
  • 30 Day Change +34.02%
  • 1 Year Change +35563.92%
  • All-Time High $7.89260
  • % From ATH -31.5%
  • ATH Date Mar 7, 2024

Nosana Info

Nosana is transforming GPU cloud computing by offering companies more accessible and cost-effective compute power for AI operations. This positions Nosana as the pioneering decentralized computation platform leveraging the Solana Network.

Addressing GPU Shortages in Cloud Infrastructures

Currently, there is a significant scarcity of GPUs in cloud setups. Nosana’s approach involves tapping into community resources for decentralized computation. The belief is that communities can sustain projects indefinitely, offering GPUs through cloud convenience at reduced expenses.

Nosana’s Crowd-Computing Platform

Nosana functions as a crowd-computing platform, enabling community members to lease out their GPU capacity to support preferred projects and earn NOS tokens. This inclusive model supports most consumer hardware, providing a straightforward method to generate supplementary income. By utilizing Nosana, open source projects can operate independently of major tech corporations for their automation requirements.

Galactica: Nosana’s Initial Project

Galactica, Nosana’s inaugural project, concentrates on furnishing the computational power essential for running CI/CD infrastructure for projects. Developers and supporters can collaborate by sharing compute power to execute software delivery pipelines. Participants can contribute by running code checks or building container images, earning NOS tokens in return. Participation requires enthusiasm for open source and crypto projects rather than specialized technical expertise. This initiative embodies a community-driven CI process.

The NOS Token

NOS serves as the native utility token within the Nosana ecosystem, facilitating:

  • Payment of fees for accessing GPU power on the network
  • Staking NOS tokens for rewards and validation
  • Participation in governance votes to determine resource allocation within the network

Nosana Technical Info

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