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IOHK Calls Out Ethereum’s Casper Protocol In Favor of Own “Ouroboros”

Based on two social discussions over Reddit, H.K.-based IOHK, the parent company of Cardano and Ethereum Classic blockchains, released a detailed comparison between Casper and Ouroboros, two proof-of-stake protocols. IOHK Hits Out Starting with the fundamentals, IOHK noted that...

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Cardano Founder, Charles Hoskinson: Cryptocurrency to Become Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

Despite a recent market downturn, cryptocurrency interest and blockchain integration continue to rise across industries worldwide. On June 20, 2018, Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson took to Twitter to share optimism for the future of cryptocurrency in the midst of...

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IOHK Redesigns Cardano With Brand Refresh, Releases Updated ADA Roadmap

Academia-driven blockchain project Cardano announced earlier this week a major redesign of its brand and roadmap, incorporating a new aesthetic drawn from organic structures inspired by the creative efforts of the Cardano community. The Cardano brand redesign was catalyzed...

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Cardano (ADA) Update: Latest Technical Release Reveals Solid Foundation Being Built

The Cardano Project begins to take shape with the announcement of two testnets alongside major advancements in providing a provably secure Proof of Stake protocol. The latest version of Cardano’s Ouroboros staking algorithm, dubbed Genesis, will allow parties to...

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Cardano (ADA) April Update: Up 53% Over Past Month On New Developments and Exchange Listings

A string of recent developments has seen Cardano (ADA) continue to assert its position as a cardinal cryptocurrency, giving its holders every reason to turn their fling into a long-term relationship. As Bitcoin’s gut-wrenching volatility upsets the hardiest of...

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