‘Bear Market’ NFTs are going live on Zilliqa’s ZilSwap today ‘Bear Market’ NFTs are going live on Zilliqa’s ZilSwap today
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‘Bear Market’ NFTs are going live on Zilliqa’s ZilSwap today

NFTs are all the rage in the crypto markets these days. And no chain wants to be left behind.

‘Bear Market’ NFTs are going live on Zilliqa’s ZilSwap today

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A range of cute bear non-fungible tokens (NFTs) went live on the Zilliqa blockchain—a collaborative result of the work of Switcheo Labs and Zilliqa.

Not that Bear Market

Called ‘The Bear Market,’ the NFTs are a commemorative NFT collection that will be available for pre-sale on 15 September, 8 am UTC. It celebrates both the long-standing partnership between Switcheo Labs & Zilliqa and the launch of the upcoming NFT platform on ZilSwap.

NFTs are all the rage in the crypto market these days. These are essentially blockchain-based representations of tangible or intangible objects, whose ownership can be transferred or maintained in the form of a token. The NFT market has, since 2020, blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry, up from a mere multi-million dollar market as lately as 2019.

The Zilliqa blockchain is getting a piece of that action as well. As per a release shared with CryptoSlate, The Bear Market launch will also tie in closely with ZilSwap’s first anniversary in October.

As such, The Bear Market consists of 10,000 randomly generated NFT bears with different bodies, heads, eyes mouths, and backgrounds.

The Bears can be purchased using ZIL. Users will need a Zilliqa wallet to connect to the platform and purchase their bears.

ZilSwap NFT Marketplace

The launch comes on the back of Switcheo Labs announcing that it is developing a new NFT marketplace on Zilliqa, envisioned to be the OpenSea of Zilliqa.

The NFT marketplace is set to launch on ZilSwap – a collaborative effort between Switcheo Labs & Zilliqa that marked the latter’s foray into the DeFi scene – as the go-to platform for all NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and artists.

Following the tremendous growth of NFTs recently, the Switcheo Labs team believes there is massive potential on Zilliqa, and decided to launch this marketplace to help accelerate the growth of the entire NFT ecosystem on Zilliqa.

As a plus, The Bear Market will also be giving away 3 NFT bears to the CryptoSlate audience. Conditions for readers are simple: 1. Follow @bearmarketnft on Twitter, 2. Like, share, and retweet CryptoSlate Twitter posts about The Bear Market, and 3. Tag 3 friends. Because who wouldn’t want to win a cute bear?

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