Altcoin Fantasy, Teaching Crypto Trading Risk-Free Altcoin Fantasy, Teaching Crypto Trading Risk-Free
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Altcoin Fantasy, Teaching Crypto Trading Risk-Free

Altcoin Fantasy, Teaching Crypto Trading Risk-Free

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Although still in early stages of adoption, cryptocurrency as an emerging digital asset class has provided people worldwide new ways of finding financial freedom. Seattle-based startup, Altcoin Fantasy enables users a risk-free way to learn cryptocurrency trading.

Altcoin Fantasy, Simplifying Cryptocurrency Trading

Altcoin Fantasy uses a gamified cryptocurrency trading simulation platform to teach users how to invest in digital assets without taking financial risks. The platform features sponsored contests that allow users to compete for real cryptocurrency prize pools based on the highest yield at the end of set trading periods.

Describing their long-term goals, CEO of Altcoin Fantasy Tom Chan told CryptoSlate:

“Our vision is to help more than a million people learn about the cryptocurrency space and empower them to make the right decisions when it comes to investing in digital assets. We believe the space is still very new and we want people to learn by doing, but still without taking on any risk.”

The platform uses real-time data gathered directly from live order books of real exchanges to support over 1600 coins for the simulated buying and selling of digital assets.

Altcoin Fantasy, a free cryptocurrency trading simulator

Initially meant as a platform primarily geared towards newcomers, Altcoin Fantasy revealed plans to partner with crypto trading-focused companies to bring users more in-depth trading content.

Tom Chan, Gamification Expert, and Crypto Enthusiast

Founder and CEO of Altcoin Fantasy, Tom Chan first became interested in cryptocurrency in 2015 when the Ethereum project emerged. Chan has a background in the video game industry, working for gamingย giant EA.

Following a quiet few years, the crypto sector exploded in 2017 causing a pandemic of retail investors to pour money into the market, often without much knowledge or information into the space.

Chan saw this as a widespread issue in blind investor sentiment and sought to seek a solution to allow cryptocurrency newcomers to learn about the underlying blockchain technology and how to use technical trading techniques.

In an interview with CryptoSlate, Chan said:

“A lot of people were investing in the space without knowing what they were buying โ€“ they simply listened to a friend who got rich in the crypto space or saw that cryptos, and Bitcoin in particular, was hot and just blindly followed suit. Here at Altcoin Fantasy, we believe this isnโ€™t the correct way to risk your hard earned savings.”

Launched in January 2018, Altcoin Fantasy is available to users in the US and plans to expand into Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan later this June.

The free-to-use platform is available online and via mobile iOS and Android apps. For more information on Altcoin Fantasy, you can visit their site here.