AllianceBlock and the Intelligent Design of DeFi 2.0 AllianceBlock and the Intelligent Design of DeFi 2.0
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AllianceBlock and the Intelligent Design of DeFi 2.0

How AllianceBlock is leading the charge towards DeFi 2.0 by providing solutions in the industry such as interoperability, compliance, and access to liquidity.

AllianceBlock and the Intelligent Design of DeFi 2.0

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When Bitcoin first came out it was a novelty within the cypherpunk community, driven by strong views and ideals that tried to address the flaws in traditional banking. This tension of ideals made it seem that the two are not destined to mix.

As a result, Bitcoin was rejected by the mainstream banking establishment until it became a credible challenge to existing banking structures and demonstrated how decentralized technology could change the very nature of finance.

The space moved to models of decentralized finance, not just of a currency in isolation, but the entire ecosystem of how we use and integrate those currencies into our daily lives, invest in them, and manage those investments.

Now we find ourselves at the frontline of the merging of these two spaces: well-versed traditional finance with its processes, ease-of-access, and institutional trust that people around the globe are used to; and decentralized finance with the infrastructure and trustless code-based systems which made Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fierce contenders for the financial industry of tomorrow.

At AllianceBlock we are bringing them together into a set of systems where everyone, not just the early-adopting and tech-savvy, can take advantage of the lucrative potential of DeFi as it interoperates with the established systems of TradFi, allowing each to develop by having access to the other.

Our story begins in 2018, when three innovators— Rachid Ajaja, Matthijs de Vries, and Amber Ghaddar—with a shared vision and desire to improve financial systems, met to form the groundwork of what is to be AllianceBlock.

The three Co-Founders of AllianceBlock: Rachid Ajaja, Matthijs de Vries, and Amber Ghaddar
AllianceBlock was founded by three innovators coming from different backgrounds — Rachid and Amber came from the traditional finance industry (Barclays, Goldman Sachs), and Matthijs came from a Technical Development background (PostNL)

“We just wanted, basically, to make an investment platform, to make the investments safe and to protect the investor.”
Rachid Ajaja speaking at our #WenZug corporate event in September 2021

Now, we are building the next generation of financial infrastructure, blending traditional financial models with cutting-edge decentralized technology, supported by an extensively devoted community with traditional and DeFi projects utilizing our products and solutions.

Lost In [Crypto] Space

From those early meetings and discussions in 2018, the concept of AllianceBlock was born, during a time of rapid growth and experimentation in the space. Decentralized exchanges, liquidity mining, and even blockchain interoperability were just ideas and proofs of concepts, but we recognized the potential of where the DeFi space could go, and how we could help improve and guide it.

We focused on raising awareness of our mission, building partnerships, and building on our optimism for the future potential of DeFi. As a result, we created our first MVP of a decentralized investment platform, based on a fair, inclusive, and transparent economy, with users at the center of governance.

Building on the strength, and popularity of that MVP we continued to grow and make partnerships, such as with Quant Network and presenting our vision through events such as the 2019 Blockchain Economic Forum, and being recognized as one of the 15 best early-stage startups at Money20/20, Europe’s Largest Fintech Conference. Incubated with Station F and Level 39, to name but a few.

We continued to grow and develop, resulting in the launch of our $ALBT token in 2020. In order to build trust in our products, we commissioned a full smart-contract audit that was performed by Certik, one of the most trusted blockchain security technology companies in the world. Since then, our products have also been audited by Omniscia and certified built to the Diamond Standard (EIP-2535).

Since then we’ve continued to push the bounds of what DeFi can offer to users, as well as other projects. One of the key problems we realized that was holding young projects back, from our own experience of launching $ALBT, was token liquidity.

As a result, we developed a liquidity mining solution to help us grow our token liquidity and trading volume and went on to offer that platform for other DeFi projects through our Liquidity Mining as a Service (LMaaS) product.

We Need to Talk About LMaaS

LMaaS is a game-changer for projects in the DeFi space, as they look to scale. It solved challenges we faced when we launched and now we want it to help other projects looking to overcome those same challenges.

We are our first customer and we’ve been using LMaaS for our own liquidity mining and staking programs. We can confidently say that our offering is tried and tested.

Key statistics for AllianceBlock's own liquidity mining and staking campaigns
We’ve launched our own liquidity mining and staking campaigns on the LMaaS platform, since then we’ve locked in significant liquidity growth. On average, liquidity for our clients has increased twofold plus.

We already have several projects using the service and getting incredible results but many projects, both new and already established in the space, are not even aware these services exist. In October 2021, we launched our first product spotlight week, shining a light on how we’ve helped grow the DeFi space with our liquidity mining and staking solution, as well as discussing what’s next. You can check out what happened during #LMaaSWeek, and you’ll also see a lot more of our material talking about LMaaS as we look to onboard more clients and help improve their token liquidity. Here are some glowing testimonials from our first clients, Dafi Protocol and Polkalokr:

“Using AllianceBlock’s LMaaS allowed us to launch a liquidity program without sacrificing our own development bandwidth. This helps us scale and focus on our own products, whilst still launching a user-friendly program.”
Zain Rana — Founder, Dafi Protocol

“Honestly, it was as simple as connecting a wallet, following the steps on the screen, adding rewards, customizing look and feel, defining longevity of pool, providing details of Uniswap and token smart contract. Before we knew it — literally within 30 minutes — we were ready to go live with our programme. The team’s services and work ethic is on fire.
Anis Ahmed Chohan — Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Polkalokr

While LMaaS is a vital product it is not the complete picture of AllianceBlock. Our full product suite consists of three separate layers, each fulfilling a key need in DeFi.

In the DeFi Layer, we offer cross-chain interoperability through the AllianceBlock Bridge, a white-labeled liquidity mining solution through AllianceBlock LMaaS (Liquidity Mining as a Service), AllianceBlock DEX, access to a peer-to-peer funding protocol with AllianceBlock Fundrs, as well as a comprehensive dashboard of data analytics and information for use in DeFi strategizing with the AllianceBlock Terminal.

In the Data Layer, we help DeFi projects and traditional finance players to monetize and leverage the massive amounts of data they produce with the AllianceBlock Data Tunnel, as well as have access to a one-stop-shop Enterprise-grade data API that aggregates DeFi and traditional financial data aggregators into one API coupled with the DataQuasar.

In the Regulatory and Compliance Layer, we enable DeFi projects, protocols, and DEXes to introduce scalable compliance frameworks that help them grow with regulation and open doors to institutional players to participate in DeFi with AllianceBlock Trustless IDentity Verification (TIDV) and the AllianceBlock Cross-Border Regulatory Compliance Rules Engine.

The AllianceBlock Protocol is designed to be chain-agnostic and is already extended to major blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Elrond, and more to come. Check out our roadmap, which details our execution plan, with a historical twist.

DeFi: A New Hope

From the simple beginnings of three people wanting to build a safe investment platform, AllianceBlock has built a team of over one hundred experts across fields to build, and support the products, and is continuing to hire new staff.

AllianceBlock team photo at the #WenZug event in Zug, Switzerland to celebrate the opening of our CryptoValley HQ.
17th September 2021 – The AllianceBlock team gathered in Zug, Switzerland to celebrate the opening of our CryptoValley HQ.

One area that’s incredibly important to us is our community and the support they offer us as we develop and launch new products and services. This community is growing stronger every day, with over 10,000 in our Telegram group, all rallying behind our #NoMercy tagline. We recently launched a four-year Hardcore #NoMercy single-sided staking pool, which filled up entirely within just 12 hours! This demonstrates the longevity, confidence, and commitment our community has in our vision for the future of finance.

DeFi Club

Blockchain technology allowed cryptocurrencies to exist, which led to DeFi products. Now, we’re building the next generation of those products, to create a layer of institutionalized services for retail users, DeFi projects, and traditional institutions and increase the level of professionalism and usability in the space.

We want to bring about a blending of traditional finance products with decentralized technology and ideals—to help move the industry out of experimentation and put it into practice so as many people as possible can take part.

The entire crypto space moves at a breakneck speed so we’re building teams to help us lead the way, and products to help others keep up, and we’ll continue to do so, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Cryptocurrency may have started as a novelty, but we’re dedicated to making the DeFi dream a reality.

We’re currently running a weeklong product spotlight on the success of our white label liquidity mining and staking solution. The week includes client and product AMAs, informative content, and a few surprises in between. We are inviting DeFi projects to check out the agenda and inquire about the product here. It’s free and can more than double your token liquidity. You can also join one of the best communities in DeFi here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by AllianceBlock.

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