7 unmissable learning sessions at ETHDenver 2022 7 unmissable learning sessions at ETHDenver 2022

7 unmissable learning sessions at ETHDenver 2022

ETHDenver is back, in person, in Denver, Colorado and there is an impressive line up.

7 unmissable learning sessions at ETHDenver 2022

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ETHDenver is one of the longest-standing Blockchain developer-focused conferences globally. It is renowned as an epicenter for learning about new blockchain innovations and opportunities. Besides the fireside chats, happy hours, after parties and open bars, where and what can attendees learn at Eth Denver.

Notable events for this year include a special Colorado: Digital State event with keynotes from Governor Jared Polis, announcements from Kimbal Musk, and a live session with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

Welcoming project founders, teams and blockchain developers, EthDenver is a staple in the diaries of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

A Selection of Learning Sessions at ETHDenver

1. Feb 15th – Getting Started in Web3: How to Build DApps for Mainstream Adoption

Presented by Sean Li, CEO of Magic), Maricris Bonzo (DA) and Hunter Cote (CSE)

This event is for developers who want to build DApps that provide a seamless and delightful onboarding experience for mainstream users. Developers should have basic programming knowledge and a desire to build new applications in Web3. Attendees will need a laptop to follow along in the workshop. The first people to arrive can get awesome Magic swag! That’s not all – those who complete the quick workshop will be entered to win one of the two unique Hiro NFTs.

2. Feb 15th – BUIDL on decentralized Handshake domain names

Presented by Namebase

Handshake is the easiest way to learn about Web3 and blockchain. In this workshop, attendees will be gifted a free Handshake domain and then taught how to build a fully decentralized website. Namebase is an onramp for Handshake and exists to enable Handshake’s mass adoption.

Bonus: Free handshake domain

3. Feb 15th – Build an NFT marketplace in 1 hour

Presented by Gregory Zaitsev, CTO Unique Network

At this practical session, developers will have an opportunity to learn how to create a fully functional NFT marketplace. Greg Zaitsev, is the mastermind behind Unique Network, the NFT Chain for the Polkadot and Kusama Ecosystem. Gregory Zaitsev is looking for NFT projects that want a safe home. At this session, Greg will showcase the deployment tools and the GIT repository links where all of the relevant code is stored. Participants can deploy a marketplace in a very short period and customize it as they see fit.

Bonus: Free Pastries and Coffee

4. Feb 15th – The Web3 Infrastructure beyond Smart Contract

Presented by Phala Network

The development of Web3 and Metaverse raises new requirements on the blockchain infrastructure. A trend of running heavy-weight applications like real-time rendering and game servers on decentralized computing services is emerging. In this workshop, participants will learn about the trustless computing services with thousands of nodes and discover the Fat Contracts that intend to serve compute-intensive and low-latency applications which have never been executed on-chain.

Note: A development environment of Rust toolchain is required for this workshop.

5. Feb 17th – Build a DAO: Cross Chain governance with Tally and Optimism

Presented by Tarrenceva of Tally and DopeWars

If you are looking to learn about DAO’s and how to create and deploy your own then this workshop will provide you with the greatest insights into the world of DAOs. In this workshop attendees will learn how to deploy a DAO to Optimism and manage an L1 Treasury with it, enabling cheap governance while maintaining access to Layer 1 DeFi. Tally builds tools for DAOs, helping users to easily join decentralized orgs and make community decisions together.

Attendees are required to bring a laptop and prepare in advance by cloning the Demo offered.

Bonus: There will be Pizza and Drinks! 

6. Feb 17th – How to Build for iOS Mobile Wallets

Presented by Balance

A discussion and brainstorming around the Future of building DApp standards for mobile, wallet standards, and decentralization. This session will focus on how developers can collaborate to build the Web3 ecosystem together using DApps and wallets. Brainstorm with the presenters to solve wallet security and make the user experience easier.

Bonus: Free Donuts for attendees

7. Feb 19th – NEAR NFTs Workshop in Rust

Presented by Benjamin Kurrek, Co-Founder of Fayyr

Learn how to create exciting technology using the NEAR ecosystem, a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain. As a developer relations engineer Ben is immersed in the ecosystem and is in constant communication with both the community and other members of the NEAR team.

Your only requirement for all of the workshop sessions at EthDenver is to bring any device with an Internet browser.

This year’s conference is the first in-person event in over two years and there is an impressive list of events, workshops and parties to attend. Over the course of 10 days, attendees will hear from leading experts in the blockchain ecosystems, including fireside chats with Polkadot projects, NFT masterclasses, introductions to new features, and networking with the best and brightest in the world of blockchain.

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