Romanian city Tuzla to become a blockchain-powered DePIN smart hub with ARAX partnership Romanian city Tuzla to become a blockchain-powered DePIN smart hub with ARAX partnership

Romanian city Tuzla to become a blockchain-powered DePIN smart hub with ARAX partnership

Intelligent streetlights in Tuzla to be connected via Lunaº Mesh’s secure, decentralized network.

Romanian city Tuzla to become a blockchain-powered DePIN smart hub with ARAX partnership

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ARAX has announced a strategic partnership with the Municipality of Tuzla, Romania, to launch a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) project aimed at transforming the city into a smart urban hub. This initiative will leverage ARAX’s advanced blockchain, IoT, and AI technologies to implement intelligent streetlights and other smart city solutions.

The project will be executed in three phases, starting with planning and feasibility studies. This initial phase will involve stakeholder engagement, needs assessment, and technical and financial feasibility studies to ensure the project aligns with community needs and is viable.

The second phase will see the pilot deployment of renewable energy-powered streetlights equipped with vertical-axis wind turbines, solar panels, and hybrid inverters. These streetlights will be connected through the Lunaº Mesh network, which provides robust IoT connectivity via microwave radio bridges, WiFi access points, and LPWAN gateways. Blockchain integration will utilize ARAX’s Blockchain-as-a-Platform (BaaP) for secure, decentralized operations, incorporating joint mining, decentralized storage platforms, and CorePass digital identity for secure data storage and scalability.

Lunaº Mesh, a key component of the project, operates as a decentralized network where each node is connected to multiple other nodes, enabling encrypted blockchain-based communication. This mesh network topology ensures there is no central connection point, enhancing the reliability and security of the communications network. The Lunaº Mesh Smart Asset Monitoring System (SAMS) facilitates omnidirectional communication between various assets, such as vehicles and static nodes, enhancing application intelligence and enabling real-time data streaming and monitoring.

The third phase of the project focuses on expansion and integration, scaling the network of intelligent streetlights across Tuzla and incorporating additional smart city solutions such as smart parking, waste management, and public Wi-Fi. Collaboration with local authorities will be crucial to integrating these technologies into public service management, enhancing overall urban efficiency and responsiveness.

The success of this DePIN project hinges on fostering strong private-public partnerships. In Tuzla, this collaboration will bring together ARAX, the municipality, and the public to share resources, knowledge, and responsibilities. This shared economy model incentivizes residents and businesses to contribute to the city’s digital infrastructure, enhancing community engagement and ensuring the equitable distribution of economic benefits.

Core Blockchain‘s decentralized tech is integral to the DePIN project. It provides secure, stable token/coin underwriting and liquidity and embeds governance in projects like closed-loop, balance-funded enterprise solutions and secure blockchain-based TradeFi systems.

This DePIN project in Tuzla represents a transformative approach to urban management and infrastructure development. By leveraging ARAX’s solutions, the pilot project aims to set a benchmark for smart cities, emphasizing sustainability, efficiency, and community involvement. This collaboration between ARAX and the municipality of Tuzla, supported by the public’s involvement, is essential for achieving the common goals of sustainability, efficiency, and innovation in urban development.

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