VLaunch Investor Community Grows Exponentially with Top Blockchain Influencers

VLaunch Investor Community Grows Exponentially with Top Blockchain Influencers

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British Virgin Islands, British Overseas Territory, 23rd November, 2021 — VLaunch, a secret project launched by leading blockchain influencers MMCrypto and CryptoMo, created a metaverse-focused product that’s decentralized, multichain and has their community at the forefront. There is much to look forward to about their venture, given the track record both founders have, and it’s clear they have support from the biggest blockchain influencers in the world.

MMCrypto and CryptoMo are being firmly backed by the influencer community, who are investing in the project. The latest investors include That Martini Guy, with 117‘000 subscribers, Altcoin Buzz, with 335’000 subscribers, and Crypto Busy, with 205’000 subscribers.

Professional investors are backing the project known as VLaunch, too. This includes Metavest Capital, a metaverse and NFT gaming-focused consultancy and capital firm that formerly invested in other leading gaming projects like Star Atlas – Bored Ape Yacht Club – Splinterlands – Nakamoto Games – Big Time – Sidus and Decimated.

Also on board this month as investors are Altcoin Daily, Crypto Lark, The Moon Carl and Davincij15. Partnerships include the likes of hedge funds Brilliance Ventures and Hype Partners, decentralized file-sharing protocol Skynet, and blockchain marketing firm MarketAcross.

The team is moving fast and furiously, recently announcing their pre-launch listing on CoinMarketCap. According to Christopher Jaszczyski, otherwise known as MMCrypto,  “I missed out on Axie Infinity, for example, I missed out on Decentraland. Actually, I wanted to invest in the ICO back then. These things made like 100s and even 1000s of X’s … and we want to find a way – how we can get our community in completely for free… the whole space is gonna be big.”

Blockchain was created with the vision of empowering the many and removing control from the few. That’s why community governance is such a central tenet of the many decentralized projects being born on the blockchain. Community is at the heart of what the blockchain stands for, and the massively influential characters behind this new, rather secretive project are right behind that ethos.

The VLaunch team spent the last few years educating their followers on buy and sell opportunities in the crypto markets and taught them how to read and analyze charts. Now, they are on to their next big thing, and that is VLaunch, and it seems the crypto community or Varriors, as they call their followers, are firmly behind them.

About VLaunch

The community-powered VLaunch project will be a metaverse-based launchpad to democratize access to promising token raises. Early days, yet the project already has multi-chain support from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), FTM, and Matic/Polygon. The project is creating further hype by dropping free tokens to active members in the Telegram group.









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