Sparkles Rebrands to xHaven, Reveals Website Revamp and Upcoming Features to Elevate the Flare Network Digital Collectible Space

Sparkles transitions to xHaven, promising an evolved Flare network collectible experience through significant updates and a focus on community-driven governance.

Sparkles Rebrands to xHaven, Reveals Website Revamp and Upcoming Features to Elevate the Flare Network Digital Collectible Space

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Dubai, UAE, April 11th, 2024, Chainwire โ€” Sparkles, a digital collectibles platform acclaimed for its trusted infrastructure on the Flare network, today unveiled its new identity asย xHaven. Alongside the rebranding, xHaven announced a series of updates signalling a deepened commitment to blockchain innovation and community empowerment.

xHaven by the Numbers:

  • Around 60,000 unique wallet users engaged.
  • Over $5 million in total trading volume.
  • Approximately 500,000 transactions processed.
  • Recognized as the official Flare Network partner.
  • Integration with Bifrost Wallet, enhancing digital collectibles accessibility.
  • A catalyst for a flywheel effect through API endpoints, facilitating data distribution across the entire ecosystem.
  • Established as the first on-chain verifiable environmentally positive marketplace.

A New Chapter: Sparkles Transforms Into xHaven

xHaven, initially launched as Sparkles, marks a strategic transformation with a broadened scope, introducing an array of products and services that go beyond its original marketplace offerings. The rebrand aligns with Flare’s #ShipEverything2024 initiative, reflecting xHaven’s ambition to create a comprehensive and integrated digital collectibles ecosystem.

Upcoming Features and Developments:

  • A new user interface and experience for the xHaven Marketplace.
  • An updated economic model with revised Tokenomics.
  • Introduction of ERC404 support.
  • Release of the XVN Token.
  • The debut of the xHaven Launchpad and Membership Collection.
  • Implementation of Real-World Asset (RWA) Infrastructure.

Looking Ahead: The DAO Directive

xHaven envisions its future as a DAO, a cornerstone of its growth strategy. This focus will enhance community and developer engagement through the xHaven Foundation’s Governance Token Distribution Mechanism, fostering a collaborative ecosystem.


The xHaven team invites the community to explore the reimaginedย marketplace, prepare to participate in governance, and engage with new offerings.

About xHaven

xHaven is the premier platform for digital collectibles on the Flare network, offering a robust infrastructure and comprehensive services tailored to creators, traders, and developers.

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