Solana Memecoin $IMARO Captures Turkish Market and Announces the listing on Coinstore, Aiming for Global Sensation

$IMARO memecoin's swift rise to a $3 million market cap highlights the vibrancy of Turkey's crypto community and its cultural impact.

Solana Memecoin $IMARO Captures Turkish Market and Announces the listing on Coinstore, Aiming for Global Sensation

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Istanbul, Turkey, April 3rd, 2024, Chainwire — In a remarkable showcase of growth and community engagement, the newly launched memecoin $IMARO, announced by Metin Redjepi, the coin’s founder and a prominent figure in the Turkish blockchain industry, has quickly garnered attention in the market. Originating from a viral social media moment during Turkey’s local elections, $IMARO has achieved notable success, embodying the cultural resonance and innovative technology of Turkish developers. Coinstore announced the listing plan today.

Metin Redjepi comments, “Turkish communities, who are loved by all crypto companies, have our own culture, including meme culture. I want to make sure people know about the person behind the project and break the rug-and-pull stigma of Turkish crypto projects.”

Following the elections, a humorous interaction involving a fictional candidate named “Ekrem İmaro” became a sensation, inspiring the creation of the memecoin. This cultural phenomenon has since evolved into a significant digital asset, reflecting the potential for memecoins to capture the imagination of both financial and social communities.

A Swift Ascent to Success

Launched on March 31, $IMARO’s value skyrocketed, reaching a trading level of $0.0029 per coin all-time-high on April 2nd (9:30 am) and pushing its total market capitalization beyond $3 million. This rapid ascent highlights the cryptocurrency’s strong market acceptance and the vibrant community rallying around its potential.

A Call to the Turkish Crypto Community

$IMARO is not just a testament to the tech savvy of its creators but also serves as a rallying cry for the Turkish crypto community to embrace and support homegrown projects. Redjepi’s vision extends beyond $IMARO, aiming to spark a movement that breaks down prejudices and unites developers, investors, and enthusiasts in a collaborative effort to elevate Turkey’s standing in the global crypto ecosystem. You can visit for more info.

About $IMARO:

$IMARO is a memecoin that blends humor, cultural significance, and blockchain technology to create a unique and engaging digital asset. Born from a viral moment in Turkey’s local elections, it aims to unite the crypto community and demonstrate the innovative spirit of Turkish developers.

About Metin Redjepi and the Team Behind $IMARO

Redjepi, known for founding the world’s first blockchain-based live streaming platform DLive, along with his team, exemplifies innovation and leadership in the blockchain space. Their previous success with DLive, which attracted millions of users worldwide including top content creators, set the stage for the development and launch of $IMARO. Metin Redjepi also owns the web3 marketing agency



Meti Redjepi
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