New Strategic Partnership: DWF Labs to Secure Long-Term Support for GensoKishi Ecosystem

New Strategic Partnership: DWF Labs to Secure Long-Term Support for GensoKishi Ecosystem

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We are pleased to announce our new strategic partner,ย DWF Labs. This partnership sets the stage for a brighter future for our project and opens up new opportunities for growth and innovation.

DWF Labs has pledged long-term financial support valued at $6 million (approximately 810 million yen) in Genso, solidifying their commitment to our project. This long-term collaboration will go beyond mere financial backing as DWF Labs shares its expertise and resources with us. By leveraging their specialised market expertise, we will strengthen the trading environment and foster a vibrant user marketplace.

The timing of this partnership couldn’t be better as we prepare to launch the GENSO Maker. This groundbreaking feature empowers users to create their worlds, items, and objects within the GensoKishi Metaverse. This innovative leap pushes GensoKishi beyond the realm of gaming and into the realm of an “open metaverse,” where collaboration and limitless possibilities thrive. By securing long-term financial support, our team can focus on building a robust and dynamic platform that enables creators worldwide to collaborate seamlessly. Along with our LAND & UGC tools launching soon, our vision is to create a global community within the Genso Metaverse where its users can unleash their creativity, connect with like-minded individuals, and push all boundaries.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and announcements as we work diligently to bring our vision to life.

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