Make Money From Home in Play-To-Earn NFT Battles

Right now it's hard to go a single day without seeing a narley NFT avatar joining the hype. How existing that games are implementing NFTs to fight in battles and make money by doing so.

Make Money From Home in Play-To-Earn NFT Battles

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More and more video game players become involved in the NFT play-to-earn games, due to the fantastic monetization opportunities. That being said, many gamers find the NFT space as a fun arena for battles, while making a buck off it.

The reality is that you can begin investing, trading, or observing NFTs for next to nothing. There’s a price point for everyone who wants to get involved, and while starting small is a great way to learn the ropes, get educated, and find your interests, it comes without much of the risk associated with higher-stakes investments. 

Play-To-Earn NFTs

For an even lower, more accessible price point, the play-to-earn investment model approach to NFTs is one of the best and most innovative ways for gamers to break into this space. Essentially, this model allows players to participate in games and challenges in an effort to win crypto or NFTs with real-world value. 

As younger generations continue to adopt nomadic lifestyles and invest their time, energy, and funds into digital spaces like these, play-to-earn gaming is only going to increase in popularity as more and more individuals search for new ways to make an income from home (or on the road). For existing gamers, or those looking to break into the gaming space, the play-to-earn model might sound too good to be true. Making money doing something you love is often considered a unicorn of an opportunity, but not anymore!

Meet: Call Of Meta

Rising from the darkness and determined to protect our world, Call Of Meta is our unique collection of 9,770 unique ape warriors chosen to fight for their future. We’ve chosen to harness the play-to-earn model for this project because we’ve seen firsthand just how excited our community of gamers and investors are to earn their place in the metaverse.  

Players who join our special unit are able to invest in unique, next-gen ape figures on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing them to access 8k resolution 3D NFT images designed by some of the world’s most talented digital artists. Our model allows you to get in on the ground floor of an industry that’s predicted to see rapid growth and opportunity in the near future. By getting involved, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in an engaging NFT community, reap the many unique rewards planned for investors, and enjoy the process of the game. 

Call of Meta innovates the blockchain gaming industry with its goal to maximize the NFT value creation. The combination of the monetization model for players and NFT holders (sponsors) and technological advancements developed by partner e-gaming company are projected to shape the industry’s future. Victories in Call of Meta tournaments and battles in most popular war games increase the player’s rankings, which increases the value of the NFT warrior. Investors and gamers can now sell the NFT while making a shareable profit or play another round. 

Make Money From Home (Or Anywhere Else)

We’ve already acknowledged that more and more young professionals are interested in ditching their 9-to-5s in an effort to see the world, remain untethered to traditional income models, and experience more freedom in their everyday life. In addition to this group, there are also work-from-home hustlers who are happy where they are, but want to work smarter, not harder, collecting income from less traditional sources and supporting themselves comfortably. These are two ends of the same spectrum, and regardless of where you fall on it, play-to-earn gaming might be an appealing option for you to earn money while doing what you love…from anywhere on earth. 

The truth about “income” in the 21st century is that as long as you have access to a mobile device and the Internet, you’ll never run out of ways to try and earn money. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many talented individuals to fend for themselves and take up roles as delivery drivers, warehouse workers, virtual teachers, and so much more. Forced flexibility might actually shake out to be a good thing, in the end, because the pandemic brought hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people wanting to learn, grow, and invest in the crypto and NFT spaces in an effort to support themselves or make some extra income. 

What we love about the play-to-earn model is that it takes some of the stuffiness out of traditional investing. By allowing investors and gamers to participate through gaming and connectivity, we’ve been able to create a collaborative environment that focuses on more than just the potential for earnings. And while we know that’s the primary reason people get involved, we want them to stay for the sense of community and opportunities presented. If you’ve been thinking about getting involved in NFTs, especially play-to-earn projects, we can’t recommend Call Of Meta enough. Shh…we know we’re biased, but trust us when we say the energy that’s been poured into all 9,770 of these ape warriors is evident.  

Get Involved And Play-To-Earn 

To learn more about Call Of Meta, you can visit our website or join us on Discord, where we chat all about NFTs, our approach to the play-to-earn model, how you can get involved, and answer any of your burning questions. Lastly, once you’ve decided to dive in headfirst, you can join our whitelist to secure your spot on the battlefield and combat for survival in a blazing metaverse. See you there.