Kairon Labs Opens New Belgium Office, Honoring Deep Belgian Roots

Kairon Labs leverages Belgian expansion to enhance team collaboration and fuel international growth in the web3 sector.

Kairon Labs Opens New Belgium Office, Honoring Deep Belgian Roots

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Brussels, Belgium, May 16th, 2024, Chainwire – Kairon Labs, recognized as one of the fastest-growing and largest crypto market-making firms in Europe, is taking a substantial leap forward in its global expansion strategy with the inauguration of a new office in Belgium. This expansion not only underscores the company’s steadfast commitment to innovation but also reinforces its connection to its Belgian origins while positioning it for further global growth.

Belgium, a strategic European location, is an optimal launchpad for Kairon Labs’ ambitious growth plans. The company aims to cement its presence in its home country and deepen engagements with clients and partners, leveraging the region’s rich talent pool and dynamic business environment.

“After years of cultivating our company with the invaluable contributions of skilled remote workers, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of our new, expanded office in Belgium, with an aim to enhance collaboration between team members,” shared Jens Willemen, CEO and Co-founder of Kairon Labs. “This strategic decision underscores our dedication to fostering international partnerships and driving innovation in the web3 sector, all while honoring our Belgian heritage.”, echoes Mathias Beke, CTO and Co-founder of Kairon Labs.

This latest initiative is a testament to Kairon Labs’ commitment to its roots and strategic vision. The new Belgium office, strategically located and with access to pivotal markets, will be a hub for Kairon Labs’ operations. It will accommodate an expanded team of skilled professionals, poised to advance the company’s mission to redefine the crypto tech landscape.

As Kairon Labs expands its physical presence, it remains unwavering in its investments in talent and research, a proven testament to its commitment to propelling its growth trajectory. By harnessing the collective expertise of its team and fostering strategic partnerships, the company endeavors to maintain its position at the forefront of technological innovation and drive positive transformation across industries.

Kairon Labs‘ growing global success underscores its position as an industry leader and a keen eye on further expansion.

It eagerly anticipates the opportunity to strengthen its global footprint and continue contributing significantly to the crypto industry while remaining deeply rooted in its Belgian heritage.

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About Kairon Labs

Kairon Labs offers ethical liquidity solutions and premium advisory services to digital asset issuers on a global scale. With a client base exceeding 400 over six years, they are integrated with more than 100 exchanges, both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX), ensuring seamless operations 24/7 across the world.



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