Introducing ArtMeta — the Biggest Metaverse Project for Artists and Art Galleries

Introducing ArtMeta — the Biggest Metaverse Project for Artists and Art Galleries

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For years now, the art industry has been getting more and more connected to the digital world, from the creation of digital art to the tokenization of physical art pieces. Art has been expanding throughout the crypto/blockchain sector, and it is now about to take the next big step in this area thanks to a single new project — ArtMeta.

What is ArtMeta?

ArtMeta is a brand new metaverse project that aims to revolutionize the way art is presented and bought in the digital world. It is developing a premium, high-quality Metaverse that will connect artists and top-ranking galleries with art collectors.

It will allow galleries to easily showcase their artists’ work in digital plots of land that they will rent from ArtMeta, while collectors from all over the world will be able to access these exhibits at any time, view the art of established and new artists, and support those whose creations they find the most attractive. 

Since it is all purely digital, all art pieces will be available in the form of NFTs, and users can purchase them at any time and instantly become their owners. And, since it is all getting recorded on blockchains through the use of smart contracts, their ownership will never be brought into question, as long as they do not sell the unique NFT that corresponds to the art piece in question.

What does the ArtMeta world look like?

Being a metaverse project, ArtMeta is a pioneer in this emerging new trend. Its digital art galleries will be based on an island in a hyper-realistic, imaginary, mystic city. The city itself was originally conceived over 11 years ago by a well-known painter, Jonathan Delachaux, and executed in collaboration with Romain Donnot, a digital/visual effects artist and DI specialist. Delachaux also consulted experts on geology, biology, astrology, and other areas to ensure that all details and elements of the island are congruent with nature.

The project ran with this idea, eventually creating its own version of it, which is a beautifully rendered digital world created for top-notch international art. In it, artists and galleries can showcase their artworks in an unprecedented environment, and sell both physical but tokenized art, or purely digital pieces, such as NFTs. The project is also led by Roger Haas, a prominent voice in the contemporary art world, as its CEO. Haas is a founder of a world-class gallery, and he also led a museum foundation in Switzerland.

Solving the problems of artists, collectors, and art galleries 

More than that, ArtMeta is also solving problems that trouble all three groups it aims to connect — artists, galleries, and collectors. For artists, knowing how to make NFTs is a major obstacle to entering the digital space on their own. Doing so requires technical knowledge, or hiring someone who has it to do so. ArtMeta will make it easy for artists to digitize their work, to make NFTs and put their digital artwork up for sale.

It also solves issues that the galleries are facing, such as granting them access to the growing digital art market, by allowing them to rent spaces and plots of land, and then offer it to artists seeking to display their creations. And, lastly, it is also a great solution for collectors from all over the world, granting them the opportunity to view art from new and established artists, all in the same place.


The metaverse is coming, and the art industry is in the perfect position to take advantage of it. Many of its members are already well familiar with using the benefits of the blockchain thanks to this year’s explosion of the NFT sector. The project has already launched on TrustSwap on December 18th. It had a goal of raising $750k, but it ended up being oversubscribed by 1045%, so a total pledge amount ended up being $7.8 million. After that, it also held a Polkastarter IDO on January 27th, where the goal was to raise $500,000, and once again, it attracted massive interest — over 15k whitelisted applications.

With the technology behind the digitizing tools that ArtMeta is providing to the fine art community, it will not be a huge jump for galleries and artists to join up. The benefits of being able to offer their creations to a global audience will mean that many will get exposure like never before possible.