Altbase To List NanoDogeCoin On Sept 12th

Altbase To List NanoDogeCoin On Sept 12th

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Today, it’s been announced that NanoDogeCoin will be listed on the Altbase Mobile App, to allow new investors to buy, sell and swap the BSC token. The listing on Altbase is scheduled to take place at 12PM PST on Sept 12th, after the migration of the NanoDogeCoin smart contract and its relaunch on Sept 6th.

Altbase – Easily Purchase NanoDogeCoin

Listing on the Altbase Mobile App is a move designed to allow users and investors an easily accessible place to purchase NanoDogeCoin. Through the Altbase listing service, the strategy is to acquire new investors through not only the Altbase platform alone but through their use of targeted marketing strategies.

The decision for NanoDogeCoin to list through Altbase is a showing of commitment to the long-term future of $NDC, and the community have reacted to the listing particularly well across socials.

Users will soon be able to use debit or credit cards to purchase $NDC, with nothing more than the Altbase Mobile App available from the Google Play or App Store.

Altbase listing NanoDoge is just one of the many exciting projects onboarding to the service in such a short time with the original listing expected for late August. The upcoming migration for NanoDogeCoin has meant the process has been delayed by two weeks. This move ensures a smooth transition for the project and investors.


NanoDogeCoin is a community-driven, charity-focused project on the Binance Smart Chain that aims to reward its investors with real USDT while giving traders the opportunity to not only earn passive income from crypto, but contribute towards a good cause at the same time.

NanoDogeCoin, along with its developers and community, has had a lot of milestone successes since its launch only several short weeks ago; the desire from the team is to reshape the world of DeFi.

Recently the NanoDogeCoin team also launched their own “Dual Staking” and “INDC” staking index via a simple and easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard is now live and enables $NDC holders the option to stake their tokens to earn everything from USDT to BTC, ETH, ADA and DOGE.

For users to participate in the new dashboard and DeFi products available, they only need to connect their Trust Wallet or MetaMask accounts.

Upcoming Migration

Due to hardcoded limitations and restrictions within the current contract, the developers with the backing of the community have decided to make the necessary changes now, in order to take this project to the next stage of development.

By migrating to the new smart contract, the goal is to lower overall liquidity in the project to appeal to new found investors and drive momentum within the project towards an increased market cap.

The core value of Altbase is to only list quality projects, with a strong emphasis on pushing projects not only within its own platform, but also cross-platform – particularly around Google Search. Over time, this brings organic traffic to the projects themselves as opposed to directing that traffic to an exchange. The purpose being to remove power from exchanges and hand it back to projects themselves.

We have chosen to list on Altbase as we are invested in the strategy outlined by the guys there. Bringing traffic to us and our proposition, and then giving a place for users to buy the token easily. Wilburt Slaylor – CEO

Altbase as a service is simple, efficient and removes a large amount of the roadblocks many new cryptocurrency adopters face when dealing with DApps, DEXes and exchanges. The move for NanoDogeCoin to be listed on the Altbase Mobile App will only push this project in the right direction for the future by giving new investors one of the simplest ways to purchase tokens in the DeFi space.

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