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How SHOP is Decentralizing eCommerce and Empowering Shoppers [INTERVIEW]

Founded in 2017, SHOP is on a mission to decentralize e-commerce by empowering shoppers and brands through the tokenization of personal data. In an exclusive interview with CryptoSlate, Chief Executive Officer at SHOP, John Wantz shared his insights into...

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Justin Wu Is Bringing the Seattle Blockchain Community Together [INTERVIEW]

Home to Amazon, Microsoft, and now over twenty blockchain startups, Seattle has fostered technological innovation and entrepreneurship for decades. Justin Wu, an early-adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain community leader, is organizing the first-ever blockchain conference to be held in...

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RChain Cooperative Member Pithia Invests $2.4M to Boost Local Blockchain Economies

Venture capital firm and RChain Co-op ecosystem member Pithia has joined forces with local blockchain economy platform DigitalTown in a new investment deal that will accelerate the development of distributed ledger technology-based smart city solutions. Pithia announced the $2.4...

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Blockchain Meets Seattle Tech at Startup Weekend Blockchain Edition

With over twenty blockchain startups emerging locally, Seattle has become home to many companies at the forefront of disruptive technology and entrepreneurship. Techstars Startup Weekend organizes events to push aspiring founders to their creative and operating limits, which is why...

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