KCC upgrade to enhance performance goes live on testnet KCC upgrade to enhance performance goes live on testnet

KCC upgrade to enhance performance goes live on testnet

The fan-built KCC V.1.3.0 upgrade focuses on merging upstream code, enhancing performance, and resolving bugs.

KCC upgrade to enhance performance goes live on testnet

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KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) V.1.4.0 upgrade went live on the test net on March 29, according to the KCC weekly report published on March 31.

The update is exclusive and will target the merge of upstream code. The main goal of the update is to improve performance. However, the KuCoin team also noted that the update would resolve several bugs as well.

The update

KCC is a fan-built decentralized open chain. Therefore, the KuCoin team called upon the entire KCC community to participate in the testing. The team encouraged the community members to offer feedback about the new upgrade based on their experiences of the testing phase.

After the testing period is successfully over, a stable version of the update will be released on the KCC mainnet. The team didn’t disclose a date for the mainnet deployment. However, they noted that the stability and smoothness of the final release would be the main focus during this process.

Other highlights

According to the report, the KCC recorded 74,557 weekly transactions, with an average of 10,651 transactions per day. The average gas fee for these transactions was calculated as 0.00033528 KuCoin Token (KCS). KCC’s weekly report also noted several highlights from the previous week.

For example, the official v.05 version of the ERC4337 EntryPoint Contract — which is designed to provide more flexibility and other enhanced capabilities — has been successfully deployed on the KCC mainnet and the testnet. The team also noted that the Paymaster and Bundler services would also be deployed in the near future.

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