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ETHGlobal to Sponsor Ethereum Hackathons All Over the World

ETHGlobal to Sponsor Ethereum Hackathons All Over the World

ETHGlobal appeals to the Ethereum network’s passionate developing community by providing it with several tools and support to create a worldwide hackathon network.

ETHGlobal organizes the world’s largest Ethereum hackathons.

Ever since going live in 2015, the Ethereum network has become the preferred blockchain network for all applications on the decentralized web. The success of the network has been largely attributed to the network unique community of passionate developers which is arguably one of the biggest and most innovative in the world of blockchain technology and innovation.

This is why ETHGlobal has decided to appeal to this community and to give it the tools to continue this passionate innovation.

The team behind ETHGlobal has plenty of expertise in orchestrating hugely popular events like ETHWaterloo and has now decided to harness this expertise to create ETHGlobal, an international platform which provides the Ethereum community with tools and support to hackathons as well as an international community of judges and sponsors to aid them in their projects.

ETHWaterloo gathered 400 ambitious developers together for the opportunity to work alongside the inventors of Ethereum at a 36-hour hackathon.

The ETHGlobal team previously arranged the hugely successful ETHWaterloo event, which still holds the record as being the world’s largest hackathon.

This event also saw the creation of incredible projects such as Cryptokitties as well as the MetaMask for the Brave Browser.

In addition, this event created a unique community of eager and passionate developers in the region of the University of Waterloo.

This event is also what led the team behind ETHGlobal to believe that hackathons are a unique way to encourage innovation and continued development in the community.

Ethereum Around the World

Ever since ETHWaterloo, the ETHGlobal team has been flooded with requests from more passionate developers from all over the world to host similar events in their very own hometown. This has encouraged the ETHGlobal to harness their expertise and support tools from previous hackathons to make this available to developing enthusiasts and communities all over the world.

ETHDenver featured industry leaders from the Ethereum community including Joseph Lubin and Dmitry Buterin.

In doing so, ETHGlobal hopes to create a robust and grassroots core of developers that are dedicated to the enhancement of the network.

In the first phase of ETHGlobal, the available tools will include methods of registration management, a guide for creating hackathons, direct assistance from the ETHGlobal team, help with the manual backend, and direct access to a varied panel of qualified judges and sponsors.

The last event, ETHDenver, took place over the past weekend in Denver, Colorado.

ETHGlobal was created to operate as a non-profit organization and came about after SV Angel and L4 struck up a partnership and got funding from the Ethereum Foundation. The ETHGlobal team consists of industry experts such as Kartik Talwar, Ethan Wilding, and Liam Horne.

For more information on ETHGlobal, follow them on Twitter or visit their official site.

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