Dune launches enterprise solution Catalyst to streamline blockchain data integration Dune launches enterprise solution Catalyst to streamline blockchain data integration

Dune launches enterprise solution Catalyst to streamline blockchain data integration

Catalyst enhances data accessibility for Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks through a fully managed or hosted solution.

Dune launches enterprise solution Catalyst to streamline blockchain data integration

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Dune, a prominent web3 data analytics platform, has introduced Dune Catalyst, an enterprise solution designed to streamline blockchain data integrations. This new offering aims to assist blockchain teams in making their data accessible to the world’s largest crypto data community through either a fully managed or hosted solution. Interested parties can schedule a call via the Dune website to get started with Dune Catalyst.

The emergence of numerous Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks, such as the OP stack and Arbitrum Orbit, has resulted in the creation of hundreds of new blockchains. Despite the availability of public data on these blockchains, communities often lack the tools to easily access or analyze it. Dune Catalyst addresses this issue by facilitating quicker integration with Dune, thereby enhancing data accessibility for burgeoning blockchains.

Fredrik Haga, CEO and co-founder of Dune emphasized the importance of a multichain future, stating that Dune Catalyst provides a new data structure standard that helps blockchains make their data publicly accessible faster, without the delays caused by data indexers’ backlogs.

“The future is unquestionably multichain. By providing a new data structure standard, Dune Catalyst helps burgeoning blockchains make their data publicly accessible faster without data indexers’ backlogs, which in turn helps communities grow and support the launch of new applications.”

Dune Catalyst is available in two configurations: a fully managed integration solution and a self-serve hosted solution. The fully managed solution offers a comprehensive service that handles everything from data setup to continuous management, while the hosted solution allows EVM blockchains to bring their data to Dune via Catalyst’s standardized APIs.

Degen, a new Layer 3 on Farcaster, and Mode Network, a modular DeFi-centric Layer 2, are among the first projects to leverage Catalyst’s standardized APIs. Degen’s recent launch of its Layer 3 network on Arbitrum Orbit and Mode Network’s MODE token release has enabled users to access comprehensive data insights through Dune’s platform, providing better visibility into network growth.

Jacek Trocinski, Founder of Degen, expressed excitement about the partnership with Dune, highlighting the benefits of unlocking data analytics for their community. This partnership will allow Degen to access the latest trends and insights on their chain, supporting ecosystem growth. James Ross, Core Contributor of Mode, noted that with over 50 protocols deployed and over $600 million in total value locked (TVL) on Mode, the integration with Dune Catalyst will provide their community with instant comprehensive visibility into token performance and network expansion.

Dune will host its annual conference, DuneCon, alongside DevCon 2024 on November 11, 2024, in Bangkok, Thailand. The event will bring together a community of data enthusiasts and blockchain experts, with speakers including Sandy Peng, Co-Founder of Scroll, Stani Kulechov, Founder of AAVE, and Jess Houlgrave, CEO of WalletConnect.

Visit the Dune website for more information about Dune Catalyst. You can also apply online for free tickets for DuneCon.

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