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Sekuritance Aims to Bring Robust Confidence to Blockchain Transactions

Sekuritance Aims to Bring Robust Confidence to Blockchain Transactions

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The increase in technological use and application calls for security in the digital world. There are always threats from hacking and fraudulent activities in every technological operation. The need to maintain security while ensuring compliance can never be understated.

Making the necessary checks on devices, cards, customers, and others, for every online transaction can be a herculean task. Hence, modern organizations strive for compliance and regulations in their operational activities.

The world of both centralized and decentralized finance seeks the right compliance and regulations. Though there is yet no regulatory body in cryptocurrency, decentralized elements play a vital role for now.

However, the challenges associated with the flow of funds between digital and conventional fiat currencies need urgent attention.

The emergency of Sekuritance tends to bring a solution to the challenges as well as offer crypto compliance and regulation.

What is Sekuritance?

Sekuritance is a RegTech (Regulatory Technology) project that provides compliance, regulation, query monitoring for Cefi and Defi environments. Sekuritance is available for both individuals and institutions.

Using Sekuritance, an individual can run an address check for a blockchain wallet and cyber risk assessments. Also, a user can run end-to-end card processing MFA checks, FCPA, CECL, and AML/CTF operations. Sekuritance stands as a one-stop-shop platform that ensures compliance and regulations.

Sekuritance is the first global RegTech provider operating with several features such as flexibility, security, and scalability. Its functionality depends on the use of its advanced holistic screening engine that fully automates dynamic workflows.

It enables encryption, binary APIs, maximum automation, drag-and-drop configurations, significant scalability, high speeds, etc. In rounding it off, Sekuritance boosts flexibility in third-party customization.

A team of over 15 FinTech professionals created Sekuritance, consisting of both technical innovators and industry veterans. The people are grounded in tech operations, business development, and compliance.

Sekuritance Services

Sekuritance inculcates six outstanding services that ensure compliance and validation. The services include:

  • Sekur.Transact – This component inculcates KYB, KYC, AML, KYT, Sanction Screening, and others for compliance and regulations.
  • Sekur.Vault – This component stores personal data and secures your card. It ensures that you can instantly view incomplete or declined transactions and a decrease in the cost.
  • Sekur.Trace – This component helps users to trace, and reduces activities that result in darknet activities and scams.
  • Sekur.Certify – This component enables users to lay claims on a specific wallet using their controlling power certification. This can only happen when they complete a certain number of actions.
  • Sekur.MFA – This serves as a component to validate and make 3D checks before payments and card issuance. It is commonly used by merchants as a protective element.
  • Sekur.Alert – This component is used to create safety in analysis for both individuals and institutions. Also, it offers the key to assess fraudulent activities on networks.

SKRT Token

Sekuritance has its native token, the SKRT token. The SKRT token is a utility token that leverages the permanently inflexible nature of blockchain technology. Through its operation, SKRT will bring the new dawn of independence in a safe and secure digital economy.

Sekuritance token is an ERC-20 token that operates using smart contracts. SKRT tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, but it’s blockchain agnostic.

This implies that it can be on different protocols like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger, or other private protocols. The token also has added value and functionality from its Layer 2 feature. This will ensure its easy transition to newer blockchains in the future.

The SKRT token is used to perform AML, KYB, KYC, Wallet verification, security for data tokenization storage, etc. Also, you can exchange the token for services as a payment means.

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