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Testnet Reputation = Mainnet Reputation: Get a Headstart With the Pollen Pre-Release

Over 5,000 portfolio managers are already building their reputation scores on testnet for a headstart once Pollen goes live. Hereโ€™s why you should join them and how:

Testnet Reputation = Mainnet Reputation: Get a Headstart With the Pollen Pre-Release

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Pollen has reached a milestone this week: 5,000+ Pollenators have now signed up to the Pollen Pre-Release on testnet and started building their trading reputation.

This is, of course, vital to the project as it puts the finishing touches on Pollen Virtual โ€” the first module of the Pollen ecosystem, due on mainnet at the end of this month. The feedback Pollenators provide at the beta stage will be reflected in the final product, and their trading decisions will form the first strands of collective intelligence that jumpstart Pollenโ€™s ecosystem.

Here are the key elements for why active participation in the Pre-Release is important to you, the participant:

  1. Test the ground: This is your chance to test your trading strategies entirely risk-free, by simply staking the 500 test PLN that every subscriber to the Pollen Pre-Release receives. Considering the market conditions today, trying before buying can save you a pretty penny.ย 
  2. Fame and glory: You can showcase your trading capabilities to your fellow Pollenators and share your scores with the community. Take it as a form of marketing yourself, if you will โ€” Pollen provides you with the tools to build your reputation and attract a following on the platform and beyond.
  3. Reputation, reputation, reputation: Pollen may be on testnet, but every decision counts, because the reputation score you earn now will be DIRECTLY ported to mainnet. This means that in joining Pollenโ€™s 5,000 early-bird Pollenators, you get a head start up the Pollen leaderboard, thus increasing your chances of earning more real PLN as the project goes live this month.

Ready to join? Follow the instructions below, or visit beta.pollen.id to check out the platform.

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