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ANNOUNCEMENT: BŌSŌ TOKYO Presale Starts August 6th

ANNOUNCEMENT: BŌSŌ TOKYO Presale Starts August 6th

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release. Readers should conduct their own research prior to taking any actions related to the content mentioned in this article. Learn more ›

BŌSŌ TOKYO, an NFT project that aims to build an identity brand in the Metaverse,  has announced that its NFT Presale will start August 6th.

  • Presale: Aug 6th 3:00AM ~ 8:59PM (UTC) 
  • Public Sale: Aug 7th 3:00AM (UTC) ~ 7:40AM (UTC)
  • Design Reveal Date: Aug 14th 3:00AM(UTC)

Only whitelisted applicants are eligible to participate in the Presale.

A maximum of 3 NFTs per person may be reserved in the Presale. Only 1 NFT can be purchased per transfer.

NFTs purchased in the presale will be distributed immediately after the public sale, directly to the address used to connect to the mint page.

Please note that the Presale is on a first-come, first-served basis and will end as soon as the NFT is sold out.

In the Public Sale, any participant can MINT up to 10 NFTs with one transaction, and  there will be no limit of purchase.

For more information, visit the BŌSŌ TOKYO official website here.

Join the BŌSŌ TOKYO Clan

NFT utility and project vision is an important factor for people to hold their NFTs for a long period of time. But more than that, BŌSŌ TOKYO hopes that the 10,000 NFTs will become NFTs that everyone loves.

Tenjin said of the 10,000 pieces,

“They are all truly unique and I honestly love each and every one of them,”

and continued,

“It’s like we’ve generated 10,000 children. It’s like we’re looking for parents who will take care of them. I hope that we can become a big family together and walk together, all of us, with the same vision.”

We hope that all of you will become a part of the BŌSŌ TOKYO clan, where we will work together to enhance the brand and what it stands for.

For more comments from Tenjin and Afromance regarding their passion for BŌSŌ TOKYO, please visit our official Medium.


BŌSŌ TOKYO is a one-of-a-kind NFT work designed by illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin, who has created box illustrations for Macross, Gundam, and Star Wars. A total of 10,000 pieces will be generatively created.

NFT purchasers will not only be able to enjoy them as art, but also obtain 3D data and avatars that can be used in the metaverse space, as well as participate in exclusive communities and events.

The creative director of BŌSŌ TOKYO is Afromance, the head of Afro&Co., a creative company with experience in organizing Japan’s first “Bubble Party ”.

In addition, Hisashi Oki, the Japan representative of Ledger, one of the world’s largest crypto currency wallet companies, is in charge of designing the ideology and manifesto. In addition to this, Mr. Kensu, a prominent entrepreneur of Aru Co., Ltd. has been appointed as the community designer of YAO, a creator DAO. A Japanese superstar rapper and composer created the anthem for BŌSŌ TOKYO to promote Japanese street culture to the world.

Web3 is about inclusivity.

BŌSŌ TOKYO wants to make NFTs widely accessible not only to the core NFT enthusiast, but also to those related to crypto currency, GameFi, and Web3. To this end, BŌSŌ have announced collaborations with leading crypto currency exchanges Bybit, Gate and MEXC, and NFT marketplace OVO.

The World BŌSŌ TOKYO Aims for

BŌSŌ TOKYO wants to provide solid value to its holders.

Global Brand

Tenjin also mentioned in the AMA the other day,  that from the outside looking in, “it is clear that the Japanese are very good at making unique and original content and culture”.  He added, “it is evident that Japan’s economic competitiveness is going down the drain. This is a fact. There is no way to deny it.” He believes that “we need to start sending Japanese content out to the world now. It’s now or never.” This is the time for Japan to use the power of its contents and IPs to go out into the world to gain global recognition.

It is now or never, and if we miss out now, we may never get that chance again. We feel that if we don’t do this now, we may lose out on this great opportunity.

Afromance also expressed his thoughts, “As we were going to create an NFT project from Japan to the world, I definitely wanted to put Japanese culture at the heart of the project.

BŌSŌ TOKYO’s goal is to create a global brand from Japan.

Tenjin recently received the Inkpot Award from the annual Comic-Con International in San Diego, US. More than 50% of BŌSŌ TOKYO’s Twitter followers are from outside Japan, and the company has already gained recognition around the world.

We will continue to strive to bring out the “cool” of Japan.


BŌSŌ TOKYO wants buyers to keep their NFTs for a long time. For this reason, we offer a NFT staking (revving) function.

When NFTs are staked, the RPM (revolutions per minute) increases according to the holding period, and a reward is given when a certain RPM is reached. When an NFT is sold, the RPM will be transferred to the next buyer.

In addition, a 3D model is currently being created as a reward for staking NFTs. Some of the rewards we have already announced include NFTs of the 3D avatars we are currently creating, NFTs of Tenjin’s new artwork, and 3D avatars that can be transported into the Metaverse.

Once the staking is launched, BŌSŌ believes that the percentage of long-term holders will increase, and also that it will help decrease the selling pressure of the BŌSŌ NFTs.

It is simply the relationship between supply and demand.Increased demand for a smaller supply, will keep NFT floor prices high.

Other Utilities 

There are also other utilities besides staking. As mentioned earlier, staking provides holders the right to receive airdrop of at least two NFTs and a 3D avatar they’ll be able to use in the Metaverse. In addition, rewards and privileges such as exclusive holder only events, voting rights and rewards from the creator DAO “YAO”, and limitless commercial licenses are also the core benefits of the BŌSŌ NFT.

For more information, please visit the BŌSŌ TOKYO official website.


BŌSŌ TOKYO believes that Web3 is all about inclusivity.

BŌSŌ have announced partnerships with global crypto currency exchanges Bybit, MEXC, GATE and NFT marketplace OVO to gain recognition from around the world.

These collaborations are important in the sense that they help us expand the reach of our NFTs beyond industry boundaries.

Please look forward to announcements of new collaborations in the near future.

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