Solana CEO deems ChatGPT as revolutionary as ‘Windows and the computer mouse’

Solana has released a ChatGPT plugin and increased its AI grant fund to $10 million.

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Solana Labs co-founder and CEO Anatoly Yakovenko discussed his company’s recent focus on artificial intelligence and Chat GPT on May 23.

Yakovenko calls AI a major shift

Yakovenko said during a discussion:

“I think the natural language interface that ChatGPT has enabled is interesting and cool … it’s as big of a shift as when Microsoft Windows and the computer mouse were first introduced.”

He said that developers building consumer apps should consider how their applications can be used via AI. He also suggested that cryptocurrency APIs are ideal for AI interaction due to their programmability, especially compared to centralized finance.

Yakovenko highlighted Solana’s existing ChatGPT plugin, which allows users and developers to retrieve on-chain data about accounts and NFT collections.

Though those features have been previously announced, Yakovenko suggested that Solana users could eventually execute transactions from a “ChatGPT loop” — seemingly meaning that users could run transactions from within the chatbot itself.

Solana offers $10M in AI grants

Solana also announced May 23 that it increased its AI-focused grants program to $10 million. The fund originally held just $1 million when it launched in April.

The grant program, which has already received 50 applications, is intended to encourage developers to explore new uses for AI in relation to Solana.

The Solana Foundation has additionally launched a three-month accelerator program aimed at universities. Finally, the project has two AI-powered services: the Ask Solana U chatbot and a code-testing tool called Solana Audits AI.

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