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Why Rise is About to Let Anyone to Trade Crypto with its “Wall Street-Grade” Algorithms [INTERVIEW]

The zero-sum game that is trading has traditionally been a tough sell for retailers, who may seldom come out on top in their daily tug-of-war with the deep-pocketed institutions that wrap most markets around their fingers. CryptoSlate, however, sat...

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U.S. Government Funding Blockchain: Department of Homeland Security Accepting Proposals

The Department of Homeland Security posted a solicitation for proposals for companies that can improve government processes using the blockchain. Accepted proposals would receive up to $800,000 in government funding. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a U.S....

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Amazon Wins Two Blockchain Related Patents: Cryptography and Distributed Storage

Internet retail behemoth Amazon was recently awarded two blockchain-related patents. The patents related to cryptographic signatures and expandable data grids, signal a race to patent more of the open-source innovations occurring in the space. Nov. 13: Amazon was awarded two...

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“Raging Bull” Adam Todd Has Big Plans for Digitex in the Futures Market [INTERVIEW]

What started as a slapdash collection of retail crypto exchanges seems to have ballooned to epidemic proportions—the entire trading world apparently fixed to heave asset-class after class onto the blockchain. Veteran trader, now Digitex founder and lead architect Adam...

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