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The Cryptocurrency Tradeoff: How Decentralization, Privacy, and Throughput are Crypto’s Major Pain Points

Ten years after the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, the world is yet to witness the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies as an accepted form of payment – even in concentrated geographics. The Decentralization Irony Diving into the cryptocurrency market...

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BlackBerry Leverages Blockchain to Disrupt Legacy Healthcare

Following the announcement of BlackBerry Spark, an Enterprise of Things platform for ultra-secure hyperconnectivity, BlackBerry Limited announced new partnerships and projects with the shared goal of transforming the global delivery of healthcare and patient care. BlackBerry, a smartphone line...

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South Korea: “Third Generation” Blockchain Projects Look to Dominate the Global Crypto Market

Competition among the so-called “third generation” projects is fast brewing in the South Korean blockchain and cryptocurrency market, as companies scramble to find the industry’s “killer app” and spur widespread adoption. Korea’s Blockchain Push As reported by Business Korea...

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This Revolutionary Use for Blockchain is Hiding in Plain Sight

I recently attended a panel of cryptocurrency experts (some of them skeptics) talking about cryptocurrency and then blockchain. The panel included computer science experts, investors, financial advisors, and intellectual property lawyers. It was good even with smart people, even...

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