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Szabo: Traditional Finance Destroyed its Tradition, Merit of Crypto Over Fiat

According to blockchain, crypto, and smart contracts pioneer Nick Szabo, the traditional finance sector has destroyed its tradition and has implemented inappropriately complex policies to limit the public’s access to money. “Traditional’ finance has destroyed its traditions in favor...

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Sign of Bear Market: “Blockchain” Takes Over “Crypto” on Google Trends

On Google Trends, the keyword “blockchain” has surpassed “crypto” in popularity in recent months, suggesting that the demand for the asset class has dropped in comparison to the underlying technology. Throughout the past eleven months, since January, the cryptocurrency...

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Hedge Fund Believes Bitcoin (BTC) Proves “Quality” in Bear Market, But Altcoins Show More Return Potential

The scores of cryptocurrency hedge funds setting up shop in late-2017, during the infamous bull run, are facing an existential crisis after plunging prices, low investor interest, and poor fundamental growth in the broader cryptocurrency industry. Long-term Thinking vs....

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Report: “Full Quarter” of Affluent Millenials Hold Cryptocurrency, 75 Percent Believe Another Financial Crisis Due Soon

American public relations giant Edelman believes a “full quarter” of millennials hold and transact using cryptocurrencies, as per recent research concluded in October 2018. Rising Interest in Cryptocurrencies According to the Millennials with Money report, the survey recorded responses from...

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Why South Korea’s Biggest Game Developer Acquired Crypto Exchange Bitstamp

NXMH, the subsidiary of NXC, the $10 billion parent company of game development firm Nexon, acquired major crypto exchange Bitstamp. Based in Belgium, NXMH is a Brussels-based investment firm which has made several high profile acquisitions of European corporations...

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Why Japan’s Decision to Allow Crypto Sector to Self-Regulate is Significant

Japan, the largest cryptocurrency exchange market by daily trading volume, has allowed the local crypto market to self-regulate, demonstrating trust towards the country’s cryptocurrency-related businesses. The decision of the Financial Services Agency (FSA), the main financial watchdog of the...

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