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Dread Pirate Roberts Whale Wallet Activity Hints Toward $800 Million Bitcoin Market Dump

Almost $800 million worth of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash has been withdrawn from wallets associated with defunct cryptocurrency “black market” Silk Road marketplace and linked to Silk Road owner Ross “Dread Pirate Roberts” Ulbricht, signaling a potential large-scale Bitcoin...

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BitMEX Reports Bitmain Needs Efficient Management to Reach ‘Legendary’ Status

The research arm of Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BitMEX) recently analyzed leaked data about mining giant Bitmain to pinpoint fallacies and other investor accusations toward the mining business. Bitmain a Potential ‘Legend’ BitMEX researchers defined Bitmain, which is valued at...

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PwC Report: Blockchain Technology to Reach $3 Trillion by 2030

PwC, a “Big Four” auditing firm, recently published research that found 84 percent of companies have either a “live” blockchain project or experiment underway. China Primed to Lead Blockchain Innovation The company surveyed over 600 executives from 15 countries–including the...

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